11 Goals of Son Heung Min at the Premier League 2020/21

Son Heung Min was earning the extremely satisfied season with Tottenham in the English Premier League. Korean strikers have 11 goals and 4 buildings in the Premier League 2020/21 after only 14 appearances. Currently, Tottenham's No. 7 is ranked second in the list of "scorers" with less than 2 goals than Liverpool's Mo Salah (13 goals).

Son Heung Min led the list of the best definition 5 Leading awards in Europe today

A remarkable point is that Mourinho's Tottenham is not an attacking team. Therefore, Son Heung Min only launched 25 times at least 14 matches, equivalent to an average of less than 2 times / match. So, the 11 goals of the Korean striker is more precious.

According to statistics, Son Heung Min is a player who is able to convert the number of finishes into the best goal in the top 5 European ADDs (calculated for players from 9 goals or more) with a ratio 44% (25 times to finish, 11 goals).

To make clarification, please also look at the number of digital metabolism to Mo Salah's goal. Egyptian striker launched 47 times to finish, but only scored 13 goals, equivalent to the rate of 27.66%, ie poor performance compared to Son Heung Min.

Or like Jamie Vardy, the player who is with the same number of goals with Son Heung Min, has a rate of 31.4%, good fourth in the top 5 European Fundrics.

Two players with an approach to Son Heung Min are Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) and Romelu Lukaku (Inter Milan). Both have a digital metabolic rate into a goal of 34%, still less than the Korean striker about 10%. Young talent Erling Haaland (Dortmund) follows the back with a 33% achievement.

Son Heung Min is Europe's best finishing striker, shame Ronaldo - Messi
Two superstars Ronaldo and Messi "invite each other loss" in the top of this list (Photo source: Internet)

Two superstars Ronaldo and Messi "invite each other" in the top of this list

Two contemporary football superstars are Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) and Leo Messi (Barcelona) have pretty bad achievements. Superstar Portuguese launched up to 55 shots after 10 matches and got 12 goals, equivalent to the metabolic rate of 23.5%.

Barcelona's captain didn't even have 9 goals to be considered on this list. Currently, Messi has only been 7 goals in La Liga after ... 85 times to finish, ie the metabolic rate only reaches ... 8.23%. This explains why Barcelona is struggling at La Liga when the team's brightest star is ... forget how to score.

Back to Son Heung Min, this ratio shows that Korean strikers are having extremely high scorers. Not only that, Tottenham's No. 7 also likes to score in the grid of big teams. Both Mu, Man City, Liverpool or Arsenal are "victims" by Son Heung Min this season. If continuing to promote, Korean strikers will soon go to the new career page.