Under coach Jose Mourinho this season, Tottenham Hotspur were playing pretty well thanks to pair of "Twins" Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min help "rooster London" ranked No. 2 in the Premier League, standing on the champions Liverpool and just behind leaders Leicester City right 1 point after the first 8 rounds (17 points versus 18 points).

Son Heung-Min glowing Premier League:
Son Heung-Min scored 8 goals in the first 8 rounds are ranked second to help Tottenham Premier League table this season (Image Source: Internet)

Son Heung-Min scored 8 goals in the first 8 rounds are ranked second to help Tottenham Premier League table this season

With Son Heung-Min individuals, he has started the season 2020/21 as beautiful as a dream. "Ronaldo Korea" has scored 8 goals in 8 rounds have passed in the Premier League this season in all competitions and he has 10 mixed up after 13 matches.

Son Heung-Min is the 3 colleague Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) is the quartet players led the list of competition "scorer in the Premier League," this season with the same 8-phase set in arena 1 England.

Brilliant performer but Son Heung-Min expressed more supporters to help him into the ranks list stars Best current Premier League. However, the 28 year old does not agree with this assessment and asserted itself just want to strive to help Tottenham win abilities best results.

Share in the online interview on You Tube channel of the Korea Football Association (KFA) recently, Son humbly said:

"I never thought I was among the best players in the Premier League. Honestly, I did not bother to do with this. I always wanted to devote my best for Tottenham and Korean phone. The enforcement played for two teams differ greatly. However, in the circumstances, we will also have to prepare well to please fans with performances or ".

In fact match series in November of this country, Korean phone will have two friendly matches encounters rivals Mexico (3h, 15/11) and Qatar (20h, 17/11). These are the bouts first "East Asian Tigers" in 2020 after the national team match series delayed because of the influence from the pandemic Covid-19.

Since the first call to Tel Korea on 24/12/2010 Asian Cup finals participants in 2011, Son Heung-Min has been 26 goals in 87 appearances for the national team from the land of Kimchi . Looking ahead, while South Korea and Qatar against Mexico, he will have a chance to stand by fellow striker 2 caps big clubs in Europe Hwang Chan Hee (RB Leipzig) and Jo Hwang Ui (Bordeaux).

Son Heung-Min is expected to pairing food ideas with 2 players the way he and Harry Kane playing at Tottenham food ideas. Sharing the relationship between himself and Kane, Son said: "Kane and I had played together for a long time. Trying to develop the partnership between us at all times is often see. Kane younger than me, but he always play hard. "

Korean striker Harry Kane playing with food ideas to help "rooster London" is flying high

Son continued to share: "Hee Chan and Ui Jo also worked very hard. We know each other for a long time and we know we want something. Hee Chan and Ui Jo are struggling to integrate with their club, and I'm fortunate than them when playing well with his team.

I hope Jo Hee Chan and Ui will improve their performance in the national team. I think my role is to help them do better when their team back. "

But according to The Guardian, Tottenham are accelerating the process of negotiations with representatives of the new Son Heung-Min to persuade the striker wore the number 7 to extend the contract.

Contract between both parties remains valid until 2023, but "Sonaldo" is said to be eyeing the possibility of joining a big club in Europe. With Tottenham, they are expected to be "tied down" the striker 28 South Koreans in 2025 or 2026.

Jose Mourinho's team is ready for the salary increase from £ 140,000 Son / current week to $ excessively £ 200,000 / week if he refused to sign a new contract with them.