A week ago, Son Heung-Min presence in Jeju Island (South Korea) to participate in training with the Marines forces. Sources said England striker born in 1992 not to shave their heads as prescribed military. However in the latest pictures are Chosun published, hair bobbing associated with Son since he played in the Premier League now gone, replaced by a relaxed crew-cut look healthy and thorns corner.

Son Heung-Min
Latest photos of Son Heung-Min (Image Source: Internet)

Latest photos of Son Heung-Min

During this training, Son to practice many exercises as rehearsal harsh combat exercises against chemical weapons, biological, radioactive and nuclear. Besides, you also have to learn to defend when attacked with tear gas, exceeding the ring of fire, crawl through barbed wire and marched long lines with ammunition 40kg on his back.

In the picture are the Chosun posted, Son wearing a red jacket, with a number of the 139 chest. The training participants must walk 6-7km / day, accompanied 24kg belongings on their back, but this is not a problem with the Son, "who frequently move 9-10km per game in Premier League "Chosun comparison.

Still according to the share of Reuters, they will decline slightly for those coming to fulfill civic obligations as Son. South Korean newspaper also said the most difficult challenge for the upcoming Son will be training with chemical weapons and biological weapons. In week 2, the Son will be made much more exercises, including live fire training.

His training lasts from 20/4 to 8/5. Tottenham striker is expected to return to the UK in May, including the Premiership not made specific plans for the organization. Before the tournament suspended, Son came stands 8th in the rankings with 41 points.

South Korean striker is exempt from military service mandatory 21 months after the team won the gold medal at the Asian Games 2018. However, he still has to complete the training course lasts 3 weeks shorter or a month depending on the choice forces (army, navy, marines).