Started the season with United's bad, has appeared information that the position of the coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær threatened despite last season he was jerked back to the Champions League ticket for the club to No. 3. Even there was news media vice president Ed Woodward dismissed ready to welcome Mauricio Pochettino Solskjaer replaced.

Solskjaer worry: Pochettino MU research team to prepare the alternative?
Solskjaer could be fired after the next 6 games of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer could be fired after the next 6 games of MU

Since the start of the season, Manchester United lost to Crystal Palace and Tottenham in the Premier League while the only win was a struggling Brighton 3-2. MU has won 2 matches in the arena League Cup but that is not the league is a priority in the goal of the season of the club, more appeared rumors that internal MU major contradictions especially after defeat to Tottenham 1 -6.

Although Solskjaer has many merits for the club, but in the context of MU can not change many things other than the head coach position, the Norwegian military rulers are facing capabilities "off the road". He is being criticized by their lack of tactical, and some of his players last season is back in good form shown decline after only a few matches this season.

Recently Steve Bates of The Mirror published a concern for Solskjaer information. Ed Woodward will not mind Solskjaer fired if achievement does not improve and even the vice president was prepared to coach Pochettino to take over the new job. Argentine military rulers have begun to collect information on the current lineup of the "Reds" to avoid surprise if got the job.

Pochettino is studying the MU squad pending takeover if Solskjaer fired

Sources said Woodward contacted Pochettino and tell him about the possibility of former MU led Argentinian national team. Since leaving Tottenham, Pochettino has received many invitations, but he was still awaiting the opportunity to work in the Premier League. After the Newcastle owner change does occur, MU is now the biggest opportunity to Pochettino continue to work with English football.

Known Woodward did not promise anything to Pochettino on the investment to supplement the force, and the main reason he wanted Pochettino replaced Solskjaer is by former head coach of Espanyol will accept to work with what we have instead of requiring more on the transfer market. Woodward understand that Pochettino're craving this work and have experience with similar things at Tottenham.

MU will be the upcoming game against Newcastle, Chelsea, Arsenal and Everton in the Premier League and Leipzig and met PSG in the Champions League, that all 4 opponents in the country of MU are located in the top half of the standings. This will be a schedule extremely difficult for MU and if ending series this match but they remained in the lower half of the chart, or even facing the risk of being eliminated early in the cup C1, Solskjaer will not avoid the fate of Jose Mourinho's predecessor.