Norway strategist who was appointed as head coach MU in May 12/2018 and gradually demonstrate its influence on culture club, rejection recruits expensive as Romelu Lukaku and Alexis Sanchez in the fall last summer because of the lack of effective performances. In a recent speech, Solsa has trenchant statement sent to the United players.

Solskjaer trenchant warning MU players, send the message
Solskjaer gradually proved his great influence in the MU (Image Source: Internet)

Solskjaer gradually proved his great influence at MU

"I would rather accept there is a flaw in the team rather than tolerate a player revolt. Personality of the players is very important. But they must comply with when living in a corporate environment," coach Solskjaer share in an interview with United We Stand.

"In March last year, it was obvious we were tired physically and mentally, and many injury. Players then have negative thoughts, but now they are quite optimistic. there will always be players who want to play more, but the success of a team player present at the time most suitable. Thankfully current lineup of us are good, "coach Solskjaer share more.

MU has experienced 12 games unbeaten in the Premier League after Solsa took office, but a later stage, "Reds" have more problems, especially since the defeat to PSG in the first leg Champions League 1/8 round. By losing to 5 of 9 last match in the Premier League last season, many players MU fans were booing. It is in this stage, coach Solskjaer has learned many valuable lessons about his squad.

"When we win, everything is easy. But if we fail, we can see the players need and players have the mentality of good, positive. We did not see it until defeat against PSG. After that we recognize how to build a successful team in the long run, "coach Solskjaer said.

Norway coach also confirmed United's current squad, "no longer the rotten apples", is to say to players who can cause havoc. However, many experts have criticized Solsa because not sell midfielder Paul Pogba. Should know, trauma caused only French player to play 8 games this season.

Former United players Paul Ince claims "Pogba acts of causing damage to the rest of the team and Manchester United should sell Pogba go to clubs more developed." Pogba's future are very uncertain, as he is receiving considerable interest from former club Juventus and Real Madrid.