MU had just won the sixth on away affordable this season, all of them were led before, when they defeated Sheffield United 3-2, thanks to Marcus Rashford's double. However, "Red Devils" entered the bad when goalkeeper Dean Henderson made an unbelievable mistake, offering David McGoldrick.

Solskjaer cried for MU
Solsa is satisfied with the result (source: Internet)

Solsa is satisfied with the results

"How to enter the sloppy," Solskjaer said after the match. "We played slowly again, and I was surprised about this. We talked about this, letting them watch the video, so it recurred. We are like walking on the yard.

When the score was 3-1, we became distracted. Everything should have become more comfortable, however, each player in the team has shown great personality to keep winning ".

Henderson goalkeeper during the second major arrest in the season, instead of David de Gea, suffering a serious mistake at the opening table, but played steadily in the rest of the match, especially flying The savior was in the last minute from the finish in the penalty area of ​​Lys Mousset.

"Good, bad, silly, can follow another order," Solsa said about Henderson. "He was too much at the top of the goal, but there was a great savior at the last minute. He always learned.

He could expect to come back here, such a start that only showed his quality in the rest of the match. Dean was completed with good results, he only did what to do. "

MU's passenger yard at the Premier League this season is the opposite completely with what they do at home. Solsa also had messages to students about the end of the poor string at Old Trafford, when confronting Leeds United this weekend. "We need to improve the yard performance," Solsa said. "Sunday comes as a big match. We have been waiting for it for years and ready ".

At Sheffield United, this failure caused them to suffer the worst start in the history of a British country, with only 1 point obtained after 13 rounds. However, coach Wilder still proved to be confident in his chair: "I don't worry about my work. It doesn't understand anything about Sheffield United when talking about the future of those here. "