Pogba case causes an 11m for Arsenal

In the 100th match led Mu, Solskjaer had to taste the defeat that caused a lot of worries before Arsenal at Old Trafford's house with a score of 0-1. The only goal of striker Pierre-emerick Aubameyang helps "Gunners" to have the first victory at Old Trafford after 14 years.

Solskjaer advocates,
Solsa is difficult with MU's performance (Photo source: Internet)

Solsa is difficult with MU's performance

Reply to the press conference after failing, Solsa once again said that the team's performance was affected by no appearance of the fans. The Norwegian strategist has given a similar statement after MU's 0-0 draw against Chelsea at Old Trafford, said that MU "should have scored if the Stretford End stands sealed the audience".

Talking about the defeat Arsenal, Solsa said: "The first half was not up. They are better than us. To the second half, they did not show that it would score the table outside that penalty, we played with higher intensity. But we don't maintain that. That may be the reason.

This match we are too cool, too many passes, too many things are worse that have happened to us. We need stability. The team's home and passenger yard's performance really deflected when there was no fans on the field. Just looking at the parameters will see. "

Meanwhile, Captain Harry Maguire said MU did not enter this match: "A disappointed match. We don't enter well, this is very important but we can't do it. Too many times lost the ball in the first half. We need to create more opportunities.

We cannot justify this. The concentration with beautiful passes is not available. Maybe we have facilitated themselves, this should not happen. "

Solskjaer advocates,
Pogba's foul with Bellerin (Photo source: Internet)

Pogba's foul with Bellerin

Paul Pogba can be considered "crime" of MU in this match, when he is the "gifts" of Arsenal for Arsenal with a suspicious situation with Hector Bellerin in the penalty area. Sharing after the match, the French midfielder acknowledged the mistake: "I can't cause such an error. I thought I could touch the ball, but it wasn't it that made us punctured.

When I tried to fight with him, I felt that I collided with him a bit. At that time, I was in the penalty area and I realized I had a mistake. I should let him get the ball and stop the pass. Maybe I'm a little exhausting because I have to rush before that, it made me make a stupid mistake. I will learn from experience. I am not good at defending in the penalty area and have to improve this ".