This is a difficult stage of Real Madrid. After losing to the rookie Cadiz in La Liga, coach Zinedine Zidane's men continue to receive the shock of a 3-2 defeat at Shakhtar Donetsk opening match Champions League group stage at home.

Shocking Super classic
Zidane's coach is in danger of being fired (Image Source: Internet)

Zidane's coach is in danger of being fired

Whatever has claimed responsibility but coach Zinedine Zidane has suffered great pressure from the Madridista and especially President Florentino Pérez. Even according to the Spanish media, are likely not small is Real "beheaded" the coach Zidane if La Liga champions failed in the Super classic with Barca coming.

Sources of Marca said Perez availability President appointed new coach plans to replace Zidane. The decision will be leaders Real Madrid made if the Frenchman continues to disappoint in the Super classic.

A newspaper is itself another Real Marca said "bosses" Perez is considering two alternatives Mauricio Pochettino Zidane and Raul Gonzalez are. Pochettino has not yet found a new job since being sacked Tottenham in November last year. Meanwhile, Raul is leading the youth team Castilla.

Similarly Zinedine Zidane, Raul Gonzalez is one of the symbols of the Bernabeu success. In 16 years of war with Real, "Lord of the Rings" won 16 titles. Since the young team led by Real Madrid, Raul has impressed so is President Perez noticed.

However, leaders Real Madrid as Raul Gonzalez's future plans for more, because the military situation has not had much experience. The best solution "white vultures" is appointed Pochettino if forced layoffs, "Zizou".

Pochettino (left) or can sit on a chair Raul in the Bernabeu hot

Pochettino has a very natural relationship with Real Madrid by military rulers also been very rivalry also led Espanyol Barcelona. Even strategist Argentine once vowed never to work the Nou Camp. Plus proven talent at Tottenham before, Pochettino was rated as the most qualified candidate for the hot seat at the Bernabeu.

This is not the first time Real Madrid are said to be the coach Mauricio Pochettino contact. Right in the first phase Zidane, already there are rumors about the possibility of "Poch" to the Bernabeu instead. And above all, when Real crisis since the departure of "Zizou", the Pochettino is the leading candidate.

Only thing, when he was seated with Tottenham Pochettino should have rejected the call from Madrid. Now, everything is possible by the Argentine military rulers are still waiting for the next team coaching career his promise.