After soon, there was a ticket soon in the first round of the Champions League this season, Man City had a trip to Porto's courtyard in 5 rounds and leaving with 1 point in the draw against the goal. Although the match was not worth noting, after the match, Porto sent his fans a letter, including words criticizing and by the opponent's mistake, including 3 people are mentioned named Bernardo Silva, Fernandinho and Coach Pep Guardiola.

Shocked: Porto wrote the mind of 2 stars Man City,
Fernandinho was criticized by Porto (Photo source: Internet)

Fernandinho was criticized by Porto

In a 529 length of housing, Porto interrogated why a Portuguese station suggested "giving a match for an opponent who caused a worldwide record of racism ", I want to target Bernardo Silva.

In November 2019, Silva was banned from playing a match, paying a fine of 48,600 pounds because the action was easy to think about racism with Benjamin Mendy, when collapsing his teammate his teammate with the cartoon character Chocolate Conguitos, with a tweet line: "Guess who this is?" Many Twitter users immediately criticized Silva's skin color difference.

Porto's "revenge" with Man City and Silva is not natural. Should know, 3 years ago, Man City recruited Silva from the "no general team" team with Porto in Portugal as Benfica. Earlier in 2012, Porto was paid a pound by UEFA because for a fans to have racist actions with Manchester Mario Balotelli striker in a match in the Europa League framework.

Yesterday, Man City spokesman had responded to Porto's action: "This is not the first time Porto behaves badly in similar circumstances. This time is a missing criticism with some individuals of our coach's players, which we strongly oppose ". Man City used the word "shocked" and "disappointed" when talking about this move of Porto.

Shocked: Porto wrote the mind of 2 stars Man City,
Coach Guardiola also suffered "coffee" (photo source: Internet)

Coach Guardiola also suffered "coffee"

Beside Silva, Man's Captain Fernandinho is also one of Porto's attacks: "It should have a red card for Fernandinho, who is 35 years old but still a good example of Story in football, money is very important, but do not buy a class, "the letter of the Portuguese team has a paragraph.

At Fernandinho, the Brazilian player also had complained about the decisions of the arbitration in the match: "A tough match, we face a team with an extra game, always put pressure for the referee. In all fouls enjoyed, they all rolled out and screamed, as if wanting to call an ambulance to the place. "

Porto's letter also mentioned Pep Guardiola with a "retaliation" of Sergio Conceicao's colleague. In the first leg on Etihad, where Man City won Porto 3-1, the two sides had a dispute right on the border and Conceicao said that PEP "used sunken words" to talk about his country. After the upper draw, Conceicao was strongly declared: "If I have his budget, his players, but still can't win, I would be very sad."