Ghanaian football player, Juan Randy Muller has experienced periods when the real nightmare has 73 days wandering the airport in Mumbai (India). Earlier, as he arrived in Mumbai airport early March, Juan Randy Muller has received notice of the ban on international flights due to the impact of the pandemic Covid-19.

Shock: unlucky player was
Muller (circled red) is foreign players to play in India (Image Source: Internet)

Muller (circled red) is foreign players to play in India

Juan Randy Muller, foreign soldiers Ghanaian 7 caps for the team India - Kerala FC last season, leaving Thrissur (Kerala) to train to Mumbai, then a flight home to Ghana. The trip will be a great trip quickly became a nightmare really.

When the Mumbai airport, Muller has been notified of the ban on international flights and, of course, he will not be on a plane back Ghana. With less than 1,000 rupees in pocket (nearly VND300,000), who was forced to wander the airport to wait for the opportunity to be on the plane.

With the help of the Mumbai police, CISF and airport authorities, 24 year-old boys were makeshift a tent next to the airport terminal. Disadvantaged because of all the money that Muller was determined to die because the wait is too laborious.

Until 73 days living at the airport, African players were lucky to be the Minister of Ghana, Mr. Aaditya Thackeray Maharashtra and the Embassy of Ghana intervened to take him to a hotel far from the airport.

Period ending 73 days nightmare but it's still an obsession until later for Muller.

"I slept the airport and then was awakened by a cop. He asked me to leave the airport did not want me to sit wandering there. But I can not return to Kerala because the train has been canceled . I also can not get to the hotel because I have no money in people. I've actually thought of dying because too deadlock ", players 24 years old sharing.

Shock: unlucky player was
73 day period at Mumbai airport nightmare of Ghanaian players (Image Source: Internet)

73 day period at Mumbai airport nightmare of Ghanaian players

Muller went around the airport and found a roadside corner station. The relative position and airy enough to obstruct the view of the airport police. Main where he became the choice place to eat in the player for about 2 and a half months. But later he was discovered.

"My family thought I was dead. They can not touch me 20 days because my phone was broken. After that, I was lent an old cell phone and try to touch home. Everyone are glad to hear my voice. that's my motivation to live at the airport, though really everything very difficult, "Muller recalls pay back.

"I like the beggar at the airport. Many people come over and give me food and water. I had to wear a set of clothes for weeks and I usually take it off to sun before wearing again. The washing is very difficult and I no longer penniless to be able to do anything, "added Ghanaian players.

Shock: unlucky player was
Muller's family thought he was dead (Image Source: Internet)

Muller's family thought he was dead

Championship football in India, the foreign soldiers as Muller often receive bribe charges initially from 30,000 to 50,000 rupees (10-15 million). After that, they will receive the money after each match to play.

In the league, foreign players often receive 1,500 rupees (about 450,000) per game. The division below, wages will be lower at 500 rupees to 800 rupees from (150,000 to 250,000).

"The competition in India is still better than chance on Ghana game. In Ghana, I will not compete for a power play in the league. So my salary in India is higher than I played in the amateur leagues in Ghana.

A few days, the Embassy of Ghana in India has promised to take me home. I have no money to buy souvenirs, but I think that was rescued from Mumbai airport is spent gifts God for me ", Muller moved affirmed.