Not long ago, the organizing committee and representatives of Serie A club has organized online meetings to conduct the vote on whether to organize the rest of the 2019/20 season or not. As a result, all 20 teams agree to stone.

Shock Serie A: Just latch back was at risk of being canceled, the ruling when?
The fate of the Serie A only be decided after a meeting of the Government on the 4th (Image Source: Internet)

The fate of the Serie A only be decided after a meeting of the Government on the 4th

To Friday 2/5, the Italian Government and some regional governments as Lazio, Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia official "green light" to the team workouts back to the beginning of this week. Of course, players have to practice personal and strictly comply with safety regulations. Sassuolo, Naples, Bologna, Roma, Lazio, Inter Milan's first team plans to re-export.

However complicated the Covid-19 in Italy are making plans to face the risk of meltdown. As of April 5/4, Italy has had 210,000 cases, 28.888 deaths and have not shown signs of settling down. La Repubblica even pages reveal, Giuseppe Conte prime minister plans to hold an emergency meeting to consider whether to continue the activities prohibited gatherings, including football or not.

Worst case, the rest of the 2019/20 Serie A complete S could be "death" as the French league (Ligue 1), Belgium, Holland. La Repubblica also followed, Parma 3 team, SPAL, Cagliari has not changed his mind and declared back in training until the Government to control the situation.

The time passed new Serie A Round 26. According to plan, the club will officially returned to training normally from 18/5, started playing at the beginning of June.