The Premier League club has started training back in the day 19/5, but the organization continued playing at the moment has not achieved unity. Besides some players have voiced that they refused to set back for fear of epidemics, that the health of their homes may be threatened.

Shock Premiership table capable of stopping the 9 days
Premier League still likely to end next instead of stone (Image Source: Internet)

Premier League still likely to end instead of stones to

Although the organizers have confirmed that the season will not be canceled and the result does not count, but the ice continued or not now is a more ambiguous matter. The league in Europe was initially reporting requirements UEFA plans to stop or kick before 25/5, but recently postponed meeting UEFA executive committee from 27/5 to 17/6 days.

But the delay also for the Premier League only a little more time, by no later than 28/5 to the organizing committee will have to report to UEFA. Either solution will continue and have a specific date, or is terminated at this point and determine the results.

The head of the Premier League does not want to stop solutions certainly because they will face many legal issues from the club, especially the affected teams in relegation race and compete for European ticket. To avoid that happening, from now until 28/5 who represent the clubs must reach an agreement for the next stone, even though there must then play with the Association of professional players when the association PFA this is trying to mobilize opposition player workout plan.

But according to sources, will only be able to stop the destruction, not solutions, and if that happens, the possibility will be given Liverpool the championship, Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Norwich relegation. The European Cup berth will be determined by the City whose complaints UEFA punishment or not, but this issue has to be extended to the end of next season.

Shock Premiership table capable of stopping the 9 days
Liverpool will always be given if the Premier League championship season ended (Image Source: Internet)

Liverpool will always be given if the Premier League championship season ended

Speaking of Liverpool, who led the Premier League organizing committee is Richard Masters said he hopes that if the "Kop" Championships, they can get a trophy ceremony held normally. Previously there have been concerns that if Liverpool won the celebration and parade them will lead to gatherings of fans of this team.

"If the right is capable of, we would like to arrange for Liverpool is celebrating. The players and coaches of Liverpool toiled for current success, they deserve it. We will have all the options for any situation, "Mr Masters said.