New evidence shows that Neymar Sakai slandered not only once:

PSG and Marseille match between ended 17 days ago but never settles repercussion. The match ended 1-0 in favor of Marseille with the only goal of THAUVIN. However, it is not noticeable by the referee to draw 5 red cards in the last match in which the star Neymar beat PSG because cold behavior.

SHOCK, Neymar risk suspended through 2020: Lo evidence
Neymar players arguing with Marseille and was disqualified (Image Source: Internet)

Neymar players arguing with Marseille and was disqualified

Brazilian striker was suspended for two matches and one match is in the form of suspended sentence (to be added if received one yellow card in the upcoming 10 matches) and has accepted the judgment. Neymar at the new Courtyard Ligue 1 last weekend.

However, the story did not stop there as Marseille continued to facilitate the Commission's disciplinary league France about Neymar who commit acts of racism, disparaging homosexuals, as well as insulting to the league .

Cadena SER sheets of Spain recently launched a video clip showed Neymar was slandered defender Hiroki Sakai not only once in the match. The footage shows absolutely no intention Sakai arguing with Neymar. Japanese players still smiling and still signaled for PSG No.10 calm down.

But Neymar continuous use vulgar words in Spanish towards Marseille defender. While angry, even abusive language Neymar tournament. A funny thing is Neymar called Sakai a "Chinese guy", but the defender is Japanese.

Reveal more evidence that Neymar constantly demonized by Marseille defender Sakai

According to the Cadena SER, Brazilian striker will have a hearing before the discipline committee of the Ligue 1 of the said acts. In this hearing, Neymar must explain the behavior disparaging homosexuals when arguing with Alvaro Gonzalez in the same match.

If it were found guilty, Neymar could have received up to 20 match penalty for the acts described above. This means that the Brazilian star would "sit idle" until the end of 2020 and even the first month of 2021. Currently, the new Ligue 1 going through 5 rounds and expected, 25 the tournament will take place on 02.14.2021.