Haaland perfectly with Liverpool?

Erling Haaland Braut just fuse stature in the game against Bayern Munich German Classics, which makes Dortmund 0-1 at the end of the defense. But the talents of striker Norway has been inspected during the 2019/20 campaign. And they all believe Haaland and will soon become superstars.

Shock MU: Shortness Haaland January, losing star hot into the hands of Liverpool?
Coach Jesse Marsch Haaland should recommend to Liverpool (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Jesse Marsch Haaland should recommend to Liverpool

With 41 goals in 36 matches in the 2019/20 season, Erling Haaland is becoming targets urgently hunted the big team in 2020. From summer fair Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Chelsea, PSG ... a lot of big teams are looking to contact Mino Raiola super stork, with the same purpose as Haaland.

Recently, his former teacher Jesse Marsch each led Erling Haaland in Salzburg suggested that Liverpool should buy pet pupil ever. According to coach Jesse Marsch reviews, Haaland match Liverpool than any other team.

Speaking about his former student, Jesse Marsch coach did not hide the pride: "Haaland is a special talent. If you just based on speed, boom, technical capabilities and end point of Haaland immediately he became the world's best players. "

Former teacher Haaland believes Liverpool will be the perfect destination: "I think Haaland will continue to do well in Dortmund. I did not know he was going to stay there long. If Liverpool ownership Haaland, that would be their lucky . Prices are not cheap, but he'll find Erling Haaaland my suit Liverpool's play and would be a suitable staggering ".

This is not the first time Erling Haaland Braut is advised to Liverpool. Earlier, coach Fabio Capello believes Anfield and will be the striker 19 Norwegians: "Haaland should choose Liverpool. Gameplay pressing high speed, approach the game face of coach Jürgen Klopp will have many "land take" him ".

Haaland could be the pain of MU

The contract between Dortmund and Haaland clause freeing contract worth 70 million euros and will be activated from 2022. There will be a lot of teams willing to wait until that time to unsettled "killer" Na Uy, even from this point.

Shock MU: Shortness Haaland January, losing star hot into the hands of Liverpool?
MU had a chance to recruit Haaland, but did not know how to utilize (Image Source: Internet)

MU had a chance to recruit Haaland, but did not know how to utilize

Imagine, the peak performances of Haaland is done, but in a Manchester United shirt, why? Obviously, this perspective only to the feeling of regret and the imagination of the fans MU this time. "Reds" had a chance, but the problem is now no longer as simple as at the time of the month 1/2020 fair anymore.

At this point, perhaps MU understand that they were bad mistakes happen. In fact, the England team rather Dortmund, is the team gain the upper hand in the race for the signature of Erling Haaland - in time Norway striker was on the payroll of Salzburg.

According to The Athletic disclosure, dated 13.12.2019, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær and Vice President Ed Woodward flew to Austria to convince Haaland at Old Trafford on March 1. At that meeting, his former student's "Solsa "expressed enthusiasm to the invitation from the great team of England.

But things become troublesome after Mino Raiola super stork - the representative of Erling Haaland striker to participate in negotiations. Nominally, Dortmund only spent a mere transfer fee of € 22 million to get the nod of the club Salzburg. However, the total amount that the German team in the business spend up to 80 million euros Haaland.

Therefore, MU has firmly rebuffed requests from family Erling Haaland and bribe charges for "fat guy" Mino Raiola. The consequence of the rigidity that was, until now everyone is clear. Erling Haaland is gradually transforming itself into a new star of world football. And probably MU fans also witnessed Haaland shine in a Liverpool shirt in the near future.