21/3 days, Juventus confirmed Dybala and girlfriend Oriana Sabatini Covid-19 infection. That was the first positive Argentine star. After 2 weeks of the time, both to be tested and was delighted with negative results 1st.

SHOCK: Dybala positive for Covid-19, reinfection 4th
Dybala continuous positive for coronavirus (Image Source: Internet)

Dybala continuous positive for coronavirus

However, the first phase in April, Dybala girlfriend receive sad news because she was positive again after being tested negative. Then turn Dybala receive a "shocking" news because he was the 2nd positive though also had negative results after 14 days of isolation.

Recently, the TV channel El Chiringuito of Spain unveiled an information unexpectedly, when said Dybala re positive in tests near post, bringing the number of times positive for Covid-19 players in 6 weeks through to figure 4. this channel sharing in the general Dybala girlfriend can cause infection and the risk of his re-infection is higher than normal patients.

The Argentine striker is one of three players Juventus infected, alongside Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi. Dybala each share about feeling "terrible" when battling Covid-19: "When the symptoms persist, I immediately felt uncomfortable and unable to breathe, should not do anything. Just after 5 minutes I found myself a heavy, painful muscles and body are tired, then, should not be able to continue to practice. "

Juventus at this time, there were some players leaving the Italian center to the countryside "refuge" including Cristiano Ronaldo, Gonzalo Higuain, Miralem Pjanic, Wojciech Szczęsny, Adrien Rabiot, Danilo, Alex Sandro and Douglas Costa.

Juventus are planning to recall the player to be back in training on Monday, 4/5 days. The team's foreign players will be checked thoroughly to return to Italy and may not need the isolation period for another 14 days.

While the other players have no problem with this plan, the case of Higuain received much attention from the public. Argentine striker's mother is battling cancer and has information that he would not return to Juventus chance to join the River Plates. However, in the latest twist, the father of Gonzalo Higuaín himself has said numerous times that there is no such thing.