In the Europa League semi-final, Manchester United the lead quite early thanks to goals from Bruno Fernandes. But Sevilla with the filter core and upstream lucky to win 2-1.

Severe shock MU: Lindelof
Lindelof mistakes in the 2nd goal of MU (Image Source: Internet)

Lindelof mistakes in the 2nd goal of MU

It is worth mentioning in both United's goals appear personal mistakes. In particular, according to Lindelof who not accompanied De Jong and comfort to the player hit De Gea shot.

After receiving this goal, the camera suddenly towards Bruno Fernandes scene and Lindelof had a heated quarrel situations on the field. All of them see the Swedish midfielder apparently screamed at teammates or rudeness. Thankfully then no regrettable altercation occurred between the two United players.

However, this is still a sad thing when the players Solskjaer can not have solidarity in the most important moments of the match. Share on situations collide with teammates on the field, Bruno Fernandes said on BT Sports after the match:

"I think it is normal when you have to accept defeat in the last 10 minutes. All are crazy. Not about my own story or Lindelof, which is about the team. What happened between me and Lindelof is normal. That is football and it often happens. The most important thing now is that we must recognize the mistakes and look to the future. "

Severe shock MU: Lindelof
Lindelof heated argument with Bruno on the field (Image Source: Internet)

Lindelof heated argument with Bruno on the field

According to the Express explained, probably Lindelof had to hear criticism of Bruno after MU to get the second goal. In this situation, system defense, "Reds" were common mistake, which Lindelof also did not keep pressing De Jong, but also have to say that the situation of Navas cross is too excellent.

Vice bitter loser, tearfully looked MU play Sevilla in the Europa League final. Besides, the coach Solskjaer will continue to think about how to upgrade the squad in the summer 2020 transfer window to navigate to the next target.