Planning of Serie A

Yesterday, 4/5, is the end of social spacing command in Italy. This is an important milestone for the Italian sports in general and football in particular by Italian sports can return to practice and ready to play.

Serie A match on ice 3 / week: Great graphics with Ronaldo & the old man Juventus
Serie A coming back with plans for special (Image Source: Internet)

Serie A coming back with plans for special

Initially, the Italian Government has not allowed the sports clubs on the day back training 4/5. Instead, all the sports activities in Italy have to wait another 2 weeks (until 18/5), except for some regions like Campania, Emilia-Romagna, Lazio and Sardinia.

However, after the sports minister Vincenzo Spadafora point presentation, that this is unfair to the other sports clubs. Therefore, the Italian Government has agreed to the general sports club returned to training starting on 4/5.

If the situation is favorable movements, Serie A can be played back in January 6. The organizing committee has planned Serie A Covid-19 testing for all players, coaches and staff before the test fight back. In Italy, many cases Covid-19 even without symptoms, so this is a necessary job.

And more than that, according to Sky Sports, an embodiment stone on neutral ground plan "rolling stone" is about to be passed. Accordingly, the 20 clubs in Serie A will kick on 3 cluster field, with plans to kick 3 games / week to quickly finish 12 rounds remaining notes.

Miserable for Juventus

If that happens - plans to play in neutral density 3 games / week is passed, it will be a catastrophe for Juventus - the champion for 8 consecutive years of this tournament.

Serie A match on ice 3 / week: Great graphics with Ronaldo & the old man Juventus
The Juventus player was elderly (Image Source: Internet)

The Juventus player was elderly

Statistics from the organizing committee pointed out that the Serie A, Juventus is the team with an average age of up to 28.8 - more than any other club in Serie Two teams are competing Scudetto Inter Milan ( 27.2) and Lazio (27.9) with an average age of less than Juventus relatively much.

There are a total of 15 players in the Juventus first team almost touched or surpassed 30 years old. Attack is where most worrying with the Turin club, when two main striker Ronaldo and Higuain have a total of up to 67 years of age. Superstar Ronaldo, now aged 35, while Higuain 32.

With players aged over 30 - especially owners of Cristiano Ronaldo, having plowed a rotational basis with density is like a nightmare. Ronaldo no longer young when already 35 years old - the age many retired players.

So Juventus should always consider using goalscorer Portugal accordingly. CR7 easy to overload caused "Old Lady" winded on the way to conquer the title. Remember, Juventus Champions League is still more to look forward to.

Also because of their age should weigh this season, Juventus players are not "smooth". As of the end of round 26 in Serie A last season, Juventus have 72 points - ie more than the current 9 points. 1 year ago, "Old Lady" scored 55 goals and only 16 goals conceded.

In this season, the respective figures are 50 goals and 24 goals conceded. Together all 26 rounds, Juventus last season than the team in second place Napoli to 16 points. This season, the gap between the teams ranked second with Juventus Lazio mere 1 point.