Bundesliga back playing a motivation to other European league of planning considerations to his rock. But with Italy, the country was originally countries were Covid-19 rife, they still have to be wary when the number of infections in the club is not yet at a level sufficient little to the organizers thinking of continuing.

Serie A also want to rock like the Bundesliga, suddenly plagued
Parma discovered two infected players Covid-19 (Image Source: Internet)

Parma discovered two infected Covid-19 players

Parma recently announced there are 2 players in this team Covid infection, although the identity of the two players has not been disclosed. This club has just had a checkup with a total of 60 members of the team and within 24 hours had identified 58 negative.

It is remarkable that even with 2 players were determined positive in their first tests with the same result, but in a second attempt to give a negative result. Both players are in very good condition and there are no symptoms, but they have to be quarantined immediately and will be monitored continuously.

This news comes at the right time Serie A club has been allowed back in training today 18/5. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has approved this practice in a press conference held on Saturday, 5/16, in which he said the retail store, hairdresser, beauty salon, bar, restaurant, pubs, museums and the rehearsal of the football club is permitted to operate & conduct.

Serie A also want to rock like the Bundesliga, suddenly plagued
Inzaghi and Lazio player was accused of organizing rock while unauthorized file (Image Source: Internet)

Inzaghi and Lazio player was accused of organizing collective rock while without permission

Some will hold practice today 18/5, but the rain had sought to play time team. Corriere dello Sport says Lazio are suspected held a practice game 3-match-3 in a town near the capital, Rome, and the game even has the presence of Simone Inzaghi coach there.

Lazio have denied the allegations and no photos exist proving the match, but the Italian Football Federation still send inspectors to learn the job. It is noteworthy that the Lazio does not have the medical test results with all members should be very big trouble if there is ice training sessions and has infected player on the field.