Pandemic Covid-19 not only makes the football championship postponed, but once football activity resumes, the European order will have changed dramatically. The solution was available in fewer resources the state will face difficult financial situation.

Serie A 5-STAR rating flee risk
Even the big clubs like Juventus of Serie A will also struggled to keep the star after the pandemic (Image Source: Internet)

Even the big clubs like Juventus of Serie A will also struggled to hold back the epidemic star

Unfortunately though in the top 5 the leading European, Italian football has for many years does not have the economic power like the old days and they could soon become a victim of the state of "bleeding" talent . Even the biggest stars will also have been sold.

President of Serie A Luigi Di Siervo mention this fact in an interview for the newspaper Le Repubblica, and he said the club will definitely not want the season canceled because this will only push reality to selling star. "Wages will be cut, the club will be a loss and many great talents will leave," he said.

"If you do not play, I am afraid that the foreign club will have a lot of advantages in the award-winning star of us cheaply. These Dybala, Lukaku, De Ligt, Lautaro Martinez or even Cristiano Ronaldo. They are very high-salaried players at this tournament and in the time of the epidemic, the money they earn is a burden for the club ".

Serie A 5-STAR rating flee risk
De Ligt high wage 2nd Serie A after Ronaldo (Image Source: Internet)

De Ligt high wage 2nd Serie A after Ronaldo

Serie A is expected to kick back at the end of May or early June, and Mr. Di Siervo said he and many clubs do not want the league to cancel to avoid dealing with the legal troubles may entail . He took examples from the Dutch league has just ended.

"A series of teams in the Netherlands are preparing to sue federation because of the stop solution, making the team is going to class is not recognized, the team is about to win tickets to the European Cup over the tournament trophy to be denied the opportunity. The litigation is something we do not want to face this time, it can cause financial damage is no less terrifying pandemic, "Mr. Di Siervo comment.