Why losing to the carpet?

Looking back situations Martial direct red card:

Premier League this season is showing crazy things right in the first matches respectively. But perhaps, the fans have never felt so shocked to witness two teams rich in superlative achievements of England, Manchester United and Liverpool conceded altogether 6 to 7 goals in a match.

Seismic Premier League: Why Manchester United, Liverpool was
Crushing defeat of MU (Image Source: Internet)

United's crushing defeat

On Old Trafford, Manchester United crumble into pieces with 1-6 defeat at Tottenham. De Gea goalkeeper must be the "poor" when standing under super lousy defense under the command of Captain Harry Maguire.

But this painful defeats the other if it is impossible to look at the club's start to the season. Defeat to Crystal Palace and then labored wins Brighton has shown too many serious problems where defense "Reds".

Sadly, Solskjaer can not change anything and let it continue in a confrontation with Tottenham. Jose Mourinho and then the old man came and stripped naked mask of Solskjaer at the "Theater of Dreams".

In their last match, MU defense loopholes, poor up the ball well. While Tottenham have expressed absolute precision with sharp lines countered duo Kane - Heung Min. Not to mention the fiend in the way of recruiting troops after Mourinho also expressed his former student situations Martial "trap" trick Erik Lamela blow.

Mourinho won the Ole Solskjaer MU to 6-1, and behind the smile full of melancholy ghost of the Portuguese military rulers must hides the gloating, triumphant. Because maybe he wants Solskjaer taste sensation like him 2 years before MU also had a bad start to the season and also causes stem from a forgettable transfer window.

Liverpool too black, or too excellent Aston Villa?

In another development, Aston Villa have made an incredible night at the Premier League champions Liverpool when crushed with the score 7-2 utopia. But in a total of 7 goals scored against Liverpool Aston Villa, has 3 times the Liverpool players who touch the ball changed direction as helpless goalkeeper Adrian.

Van Dijk did not complete the task

And so, Liverpool have failed unlucky in this or not? No. of course. Although lack Sadio Mané and Thiago but this can not be an excuse for defeat with dozens of mistakes in the defense system of the Army coach Jürgen Klopp, typically phase errors first goalkeeper Adrian . Only 4 games this season, Liverpool have conceded 11 goals, with the correct number of goals, and the difference is at 0. A results difficult to accept for the defending champions.

And it is because of bad defense, Liverpool became the victim of the excellent Aston Villa. Statistics last match, Aston Villa had a chance to hit the finish 18, 11 times on target and successfully transformed 7 goals. In contrast, Liverpool 8 times the winning goal off the crossbar, but only a mere 2 earned goal.