The Football World said Farewell Diego Maradona after the Argentine legend died at Tigre (Buenos Aires) on November 25, 2020. With a bold imprint in his career and life, the "Yellow Boy" was president of Argentina Alberto Fernandez for 3-day and burial organizations in Bella Vista Cemetery, the suburb of Buenos Aires. This is also where Maradona parents rest.

Diego Maradona died is a huge loss with world football in general

However, the true cause of Diego Maradona's death is still being investigated by the authorities. Recently, the members of the Family of the former World Cup champion 1986 believe that the reason he suddenly did not be merely because of a heart attack that could originate from Uncle Ho's Charter Private Leopoldo Luque and his team of medical staff on his sick bed.

According to Marca, Dahiana Gisela Madrid, a female nurse of Diego Maradona, was responsible for caring for him in the last days of life that was unexpectedly "golden boy" chased away before he got the last breath.

Rodolfo Baqué, Dahiana's lawyer revealed: "Maradona fired a nurse because he considered my client as an obstacle to me. She was even unable to give Maradona take medicine. She only follow these The request that his doctor is private and the psychiatrist told her. "

Secret of Maradona's death: Chasing the nurse taking care of me at the end of life?
"Yellow boy" suddenly chased the nurse Dahiana Gisela Madrid before he died (source: Internet)

"Yellow boy" suddenly chased Nurse Dahiana Gisela Madrid before he died

The Baqué lawyer continued to say: "Diego is a patient addicted, but he only takes medicine according to his mental treatment prescription. That makes his heart smash. His heart suffered more A great pressure and could not control that pressure. His heart could still continue to operate, but it was forced by tranquilizers and he was not treated properly. That's the dose Living or big negligence ".