Impressive performances and the road to the championship of Celtic this season

During the meeting today of BTC Championship Scotland, has agreed 12/12 team agrees with the plan to cancel the season. Accordingly, the final rankings will be calculated based on the average scores of the teams as of the end of round 30.

Scottish League officially canceled:
Celtic officially crowned Scottish champions this season (Image Source: Internet)

Celtic officially crowned Scottish champions this season

With outstanding scores (over the team in second place 13 points), Celtic were officially crowned champions league Scotland 9th consecutive season. Celtic dominance even more brilliant they could complete the double title with Scottish League Cup.

Meanwhile, Hearts are the team to relegation with only 23 points after 30 matches played. The only change of scoring average than the rankings before the tournament was postponed as the St Johnstone took on Hibernian to win the 6th place despite less than this team 1 point but play less more than one match.

Scottish League officially canceled:
Hearts are the only team to have played in Division 2 Scotland (Image Source: Internet)

Hearts are the only team to have played in Division 2 Scotland

Celtic has successfully defended the championship but they will not be too happy that the fans of this team are the league organizers warning will not be allowed to gather to celebrate at the moment. Thus, unlike the Netherlands accept to cancel the results of the season, no champion or team relegation, Scottish football has learned in a way of France and Belgium, which is to recognize the results and ranked according the average score.

This will be a fun bad news for those "neighbors" of the Scottish Premier League. In the context of the tournament has not yet finalized the exact moment to be back, there are concerns that this season will be canceled or delete the provisions on / relegation. Besides, some of the team's group under the Premiership continued protest plans back in many different ways.

Formal notice to cancel this year's season of league Scotland will be greater pressure next weighing on the Organizing Committee the Premier League, who are keen to take the tournament is considered to be the most attractive world back in January 6.