His three teams include Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea have officially entered the Knock-out Champions League round this season. Even, all three teams mentioned above were sure to win the top board early 1 match. However, MU was defeated by PSG 3-1 at Old Trafford.

MU received a failure 1-3 before PSG right at Old Trafford (Photo Source: Internet)

MU received a failure 1-3 before PSG right at Old Trafford

MU failed before PSG made Table H face to become more unpredictable than ever. The "Red Devils" and the Running Asia Psg and Leipzig are getting 9 points after 5 matches. That means that the two tickets enter the knock-out round of this table will only be determined in the last match.

In the last match of Table H, PSG will welcome Istanbul Basaksehir at home. Neymar and his teammates are having the opportunity to continue the biggest by their opponents at the bottom of the table and no longer goals, all PSG needs to be a draw. Meanwhile MU will have to marry to Germany to confront Leipzig. This confrontation can be considered the "final" of both teams.

MU is in advantage of compositions against Leipzig, when winning a 5-0 victory over the Bundesliga representative at Old Trafford before. It means that coach Solskjaer's army only needs a draw to win the ticket to cross the group stage, while Leipzig must win to continue.

With 1-3 defeat right at Old Trafford, Mu has been disadvantaged in achievement of PSG confrontation. So the only way to "Red Devils" to win the Best Table H is to win against Leipzig on the away field and expect Basaksehir at least PSG with PSG.