Liverpool have suffered heavy losses in the confrontation with Everton in the English Premier League Round 5. The defender Virgil van Dijk sidelined for at least 8 months after the cross ligaments of nasty blow to Jordan Pickford goalkeeper. However, the English goalkeeper is not subject to any punishment by the FA respected the decision of the referee in this match.

Scandal Premier League: Referee been
VAR referee David Coote accused forgotten law in situations between Pickford and Van Dijk (Image Source: Internet)

VAR referee David Coote accused forgotten law in situations between Pickford and Van Dijk

However, this makes a lot of people angry, because it's a dangerous foul situation very clear but was ignored because Van Dijk Vietnam previous position. Who criticized the most in this incident is the referee in charge of VAR, David Coote.

Sport Mail newspaper revealed "black king" is thought that heavy fouls overlooked by your fault Vietnam. Indeed, the situation of Van Dijk - Pickford takes place as such. Coote should have focused on dangerous offense of Pickford with Van Dijk and consultation for the referee, instead of just thinking about your situation Vietnam's Dutch midfielder.

Unfortunately for David Coote was the referee's board Premier League (PGMOL), the unit responsible for the coordination of the tournament referee, still on his side. In the latest announcement, confirmed David Coote PGMOL not forgotten the law in this situation.

However, the action of PGMOL then forcing many people to think when transferred by David Coote. Specifically, the arbitrator will not be assigned to work as a referee or umpire VAR at 6 this weekend, instead he will be arbitration table (referee 4th) in the match between West Ham and Man City (Premier League round 6).

David Coote also caused controversy in phase between Lo Celso ball and Azpilicueta.

The source of the Daily Mail revealed David Coote later will be what to do arbitration in Division One (Championship). Whether this is an internal punishment of arbitral Premier League or simply what David Coote go "work" to avoid public opinion?

Actually, this is not the first time David Coote created controversy when undertake the task of VAR room. Last season, the referee also missed the ball into dangerous error of Lo Celso (Tottenham) on Azpilicueta (Chelsea) in a London derby (round 27 Premier League 2020/21).

Argentine midfielder rode straight into the copper tube in a nasty controversy Azpilicueta ball but only to receive a yellow card. This has generated considerable controversy after the match. David Coote began studying for arbitration was 16 and started to be on duty in the Premier League in season 2017/18.