During Premiership stalled by pandemic Covid-19, the mission of Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, Salman bin Mohammed acquisition Newcastle took a great deal of press ink England.

Saudi prince wants to turn Newcastle into a 1: 300 million pounds unfinished work?
Saudi Crown Prince succeeded not buy Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Saudi Crown Prince succeeded not buy Newcastle

Accordingly repurchase amount 300 million pounds will be activated, and "magpie-robin," will become the second richest team Premier League thanks to huge funds from investment funds from the land of the Royal Saudi.

However, the takeover of Newcastle's new boss Bin Salman is likely to slow down after new evidence came to Saudi Arabia broadcast piracy tournament in England.

Sources from the Daily Mail said the report showed that legally the government of Saudi Arabia has much related to the sporting event is broadcast illegally. Last month, the firm Bein Sports TV (Qatar) had written to the MOF and the 20 Premier League clubs, ask Mohammed Bin prevent Salma business acquisition Newcastle.

The reason stated is by Bein Sports broadcast copyright holders Premiership in the Middle East, but Saudi Arabia regularly pirated copyright and led the league heavily affected lasting value terms.

The lawyers in the Premier League is still a thorough review of information and this can make the process of acquiring Newcastle 300 million pounds worth of Mohammed Bin Salman Prince delayed further.

Meanwhile themselves current owner of Newcastle, Mike Ashley felt unhappy when things can not be resolved quickly because of their "land, O my God." As for Newcastle fans, they were the ones more impatiently after the "life changing" the club has yet to take place as planned.