Waiting for the transfer market manipulation

In about one decade, the billionaire oil from the Middle East landed to European football, and created the revolution "landslide". Sheikh Mansour turned billionaire Manchester City became the most successful big Premier League in the last decade. Al-Thani also oligarch "witchcraft" to PSG became the dominant power is almost absolute in the French league.

Saudi prince spent 300 million pounds, Newcastle have bought Ronaldo shocking?
Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to turn Newcastle into force (Image Source: Internet)

Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to turn Newcastle into force

So, fans waiting life changed in Newcastle, after the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia - Mohammed bin Salman buyout this team.

As revealed by the Daily Express, after the completion of ownership Newcastle, Prince Mohammed bin Salman - through the Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, intends to grant a budget for the team Northeast England budget transfer 300 million pounds. So in summer 2020 fair here, Newcastle promises to create the transfer market manipulation.

And to prepare for the launch date shining in the Premiership, Newcastle's new boss intends to create shock is probably the biggest in this 2020 summer fair. It is recruiting superstar owns 5 Golden Ball - who scored bold mark in the Premier League for Manchester United shirt color - Cristiano Ronaldo.

If you can give players charismatic largest brand in world football to contemporary St James Park, it will be the screen "market supremacy" amazing billionaire 34-year-old.

Billionaire Mohammed bin Salman may not know many players are shining star in the Premiership, but once entering the football turf, he said to Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese superstar - who more than 1 year old billionaire, is to be admired in the Middle East.

Evidence that the Globe Soccer Awards - Award by the Association of representative European players (EFAA) and the Association of Club Europe (ECA) held and awards in Dubai (UAE) from 2011 until now, CR7 win to 6 in 9 times. Therefore, it would be a great boost not only to the Newcastle fans, but also for football fans in Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman if can bring Ronaldo back to Newcastle.

Ronaldo wants to retire in Newcastle?

Joining Juventus, Ronaldo was 33 years old. Yet, with 105 million euro fee, CR7 is still the most expensive player of the summer 2018. It's just that, at the age of hash, the Portuguese superstar no longer maintain the top level as each boom and Real Madrid. Therefore, according to Transfermarkt, Ronaldo this time there are only 75 million euro valuation only.

Saudi prince spent 300 million pounds, Newcastle have bought Ronaldo shocking?
Ronaldo is highly admired Middle Easterners (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo is highly admired Middle Easterners

Though now aged 35, still owns Ronaldo scored remarkable achievements in this season. However, if Ronaldo can not help Juventus remove curse 2019/20 Champions League this season, most likely the Turin club will be considering plans to liquidate the Portuguese player, an attempt to remove the gauze back what has invested in the player in 2018.

Ronaldo's contract with Juventus of longer duration until 06.30.2022. If the deal was completed, CR7 has 37 years, and probably retired to consider then. Yet, it also means Juventus lost 105 million euros were spent, which does not collect any money.

Recently, the Italian media that Juventus tingle plans to sell off Ronaldo attempt to reduce wages 31 million euros / season to deal with the impact of the pandemic Covid-19.

Personal with Ronaldo, Newcastle hyperbolous wage - predicted could approach 50 million euros / season, and considering retirement plan is not bad. Remember EURO finals take place in the summer of 2021. For Golden Ball competition, that's the place to CR7 effort.