Generals of Newcastle

Fans looking forward to coming Newcastle Crown Prince Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Mohammed bin Salman officially landed in St James Park. According to the Daily Mail, in about 3 weeks, Newcastle acquisitions will be completed, including the paperwork.

Saudi Crown Prince Newcastle to change your life:
Prince Mohammed bin Salman promises to make the revolution for Newcastle (Image Source: Internet)

Prince Mohammed bin Salman promises to make the revolution for Newcastle

And just ended 2019/20 season, Newcastle promises to step into a shopping era unprecedented in the club's history. Besides the sale of 300 million pounds, the billionaire oil from the Middle East was ready to invest 300 million pounds to Newcastle transfer. And St James Park in the 2020/21 season promises to be the busiest of stars landings.

But a new galaxy should have a general dominance of the imposing and talented enough to lead the crowd of stars. In the past, the period of the Chelsea starting dragons and billionaire Roman Abramovich, Jose Mourinho has done great things and reap immediate success.

Meanwhile, Roberto Mancini, despite the great merits for the championship first Premiership Manchester City's history, also took many years to get this achievement. Meanwhile billionaire Sheikh Mansour also poured a lot of money on the home side Etihad Stadium, but compared to Mourinho, Mancini clearly inferior one rank.

Looking at the lessons of Chelsea and Manchester City, the upcoming Newcastle boss has planned for himself. As revealed by the Daily Mail, who are expected to be taken to St James Park Newcastle led the star orchestra is familiar names: Mauricio Pochettino.

Pochettino is the perfect choice?

More than five months after parting Tottenham boss Pochettino has not yet found a new parking facilities. Because the impact of the pandemic Covid-19, the ability to find a team like that with the Argentine military rulers even more difficult. The teams are hesitant to replace minister at this point, because it would consume a large budget further.

Saudi Crown Prince Newcastle to change your life:
Coach Pochettino said elevated to the stars as Harry Kane (Image Source: Internet)

Coach Pochettino said elevated to the stars as Harry Kane

In fact, coach Pochettino who also played a key role in laying the foundation, turning Tottenham become a force of the Premiership. In those years in North London, coach Pochettino build this team a tactical system is extremely successful, in which these factors are combined child perfectly with veterans.

Even when no purse strings vibrate, "Spurs" while being led by Pochettino is always a great counterweight to his ambitions in the Premiership. No exaggeration to say that the Argentine military rulers have really elevated for "rooster".

Moreover, with Coach Pochettino on the bench, and the stars will be more confident about an emerging team Newcastle. This is extremely important. David Moyes still remember the day in the MU lead, he could not convince Gareth Bale, Toni Kroos on Old Trafford. And this is seen as a part failure causes of Moyes with MU.

Meanwhile, looking at the way the coach Pochettino turned Harry Kane, Dele Alli, Eriksen or Son Heung-Min stardom caste, also assured players become students of "Poch". Thus, Newcastle had new talented generals, has a "wild card" on the table to negotiate with the superstar that this team pursuit.