Cannot buy MU for £4 billions, Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Salman bin Mohammed was diverted to Newcastle and immediate succeed with 300 million pounds.

Saudi billionaire to buy Newcastle: Close terrorist SAO Barca do
Mohammed bin Salman (Image Source: Internet)

Mohammed bin Salman

This deal is considered the most intensive press ink England during the Premier League was "frozen" by pandemic Covid-19.

With super assets which is estimated to have the value up to 260 billion pounds, the acquisition of new Newcastle club is just the first step. New boss Bin Salman have even more ambition. That helped Newcastle to become a force of lawn Premier League.

For implementation purposes, the huge amounts of money will surely poured into the transfer market and the "blockbuster" will be rushing the St James Park tomorrow's. This is understandable because in the past, two billionaire Abramovich (Chelsea) and Sheikh Mansour (Manchester City) have also rocked the Premiership with the acquisitions from several seasons.

However, it is noteworthy that the total assets of both Chelsea and Manchester City boss combined (26.9 billion pounds), compared with only 1/10 upcoming super giants Newcastle acquisition.

So do not exclude the possibility of A-list stars will become the target of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. According to sources from Sportmediaset, the shopping list in the markets of Newcastle Summer 2020 has been completed. Accordingly, Antoine Griezmann of Barcelona star will become the first name to be targeted.

From the date of accession the Nou Camp, the French star faded in the play and did not meet expectations. Many times he was offended superstar Lionel Messi captain. Therefore, the leadership Blaugrana had planned liquidation Griezmann while price.

And of course, the "bosses" of Newcastle's new happy violence spending huge amounts to buy the French striker. Scabrous biggest problem today is the English team is in the process of building up the new empire joined convince Griezmann is not easy.

But remember, Man City also had to create push on the transfer market can succeed. Especially deal Robinho has changed them forever. Because thanks to Brazilian striker they've bought a lot of stars in the ensuing years and erected mighty empire now.

Griezmann is "blockbuster" first

So more than ever, fans are waiting Newcastle team will "change" during the reign of President Bin Salman. Premier League before being suspended, Newcastle is currently 13th in the standings, more than 8 points from the relegation zone.

Founded in 1892, Newcastle has 4-time champion of England but is from the early decades of the twentieth century to the last time the throne was more than 90 years ago.