Recently, Newcastle fans back their made waves when exposed contingency plans about having an American billionaire wants to reach and acquired ownership of the team. The possibility of failure of the billionaire Arabs are very clear when Premiership voiced that represent the Investment Fund of Saudi acquisition Newcastle signs of fraud and illegal activities both at home and abroad .

Saudi billionaire
Newcastle acquisition team faced numerous legal battles (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle acquisition team faced numerous legal battles

Reportedly, the US billionaire willing to gain ownership of Newcastle if the acquisition of all the Arab world were canceled. The Telegraph said the American billionaire wants to save Newcastle's Henry Mauriss, "bosses" in the US media. Earlier, Henry Mauriss contacted Newcastle to buy the club in the summer last year, but the offer was 500 million pounds when not approved.

By the summer of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic Covid-19, current owner Mike Ashley he was forced to lower prices and Newcastle accepted an offer of 300 million pounds of the Arab Fund. Reportedly, the financial backer for this investment fund is Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Arabs.

Saudi billionaire
US billionaires to persuade boss Mike Ashley current "flip truss" (Image Source: Internet)

US billionaires to persuade boss Mike Ashley current "flip truss"

Besides, this deal is also by the woman hooking power in English football, Amanda Staveley. However, problems began to arise since the application requesting the takeover of Newcastle sent to the Organizing Committee the Premier League.

Accordingly, the Executive Director of this tournament has personally voiced wish to reject the proposal of the Arab billionaire. The reason given is an investment fund in Arabs are involved in too many legal battles and at the same time, the president of their future, said Amanda Staveley also being sued for allegedly cheated of money a financial holding large Barclays, longtime partner of the Premier League.

Saudi billionaire
Newcastle will be rescued by US billionaire super rich? (Image Source: Internet)

Newcastle will be rescued by US billionaire super rich?

Because of doubts about the legal, business owners change of Newcastle still not been passed despite being considered for 4 to 5 weeks. Although Staveley and her partners are confident to be "green light" to take over the team northeastern England, but according to many analysts, that possibility is very small.

Understand the opportunities came, billionaire Henry Mauriss have carefully reviewed the situation and are planning to save on the Newcastle team derelict risk this summer. By "bosses" American media, he admired the way in which the company operates compatriot Fenway Sports Liverpool's top teams.

In the US, Henry Mauriss a businessman familiar with the media as he opened Clear TV Media Group, specializes in providing broadcasting services in airports, hospitals and other business areas. Number of viewers through this service consistently achieved over 85 million.

Although not openly brand value but with services provided credit card, the group of "bosses" Mauriss are priced up to $ 7 billion. The first objective of owning Newcastle Mauriss if this team will be turned into "giants" of English football in the new future.