Timo Werner performances before Freiburg, round 26 Bundesliga

Bundesliga is back to the fans and the match of the day Saturday, 16/05 has attracted not only Germany but all football fans who want to track the stars are expected to transfer to the big clubs in future. Erling Haaland, thorgan hazard, Timo Werner and Jadon Sancho have to play.

SAO staging Bundesliga future disposition: Manchester United & Liverpool welcome news
Timo Werner wants to Liverpool, otherwise will stay in Leipzig (Image Source: Internet)

Timo Werner wants to Liverpool, otherwise in Leipzig

Among those players Haaland received the most attention because right now the ability to hunt his table was under the "terrible" and perhaps even officials Dortmund also understand our level he will soon exceed the level of the club. But Werner, the main stone for Leipzig in a 1-1 draw against Freiburg, along with teammate Sancho Haaland is new is the player can move the club after this season.

Just before the football back then a bunch of information from British and German press said that Werner has clarified his future intentions. Journalist David Ornstein of the prestigious magazine The Athletic revealed Werner will choose between Liverpool or stay in Leipzig. Known Werner spoke with both Manchester United and Barcelona before making this decision.

Liverpool will not feel the rush to recruit Werner because they still have a powerful trio of strikers Mane - Salah - Firmino, pending further as they increasingly buy cheap Werner. Ornstein said the liquidation of the contract terms by Werner reduced each year: Summer 2020 60 million euros, 40 million euros in 2021 and 2022 is 25 million euros.

If Werner Liverpool only really seriously pursued, Jadon Sancho very "order" and Ornstein said because of that Dortmund will not let you go with a cheaper price. Sources said Sancho will only be sold for no less than 120 million euros, and Dortmund are willing to encourage a tender among the clubs interested in the British star to earn the most money possible.

SAO staging Bundesliga future disposition: Manchester United & Liverpool welcome news
MU is considered the most serious pursuit Sancho (Image Source: Internet)

MU is considered the most serious pursuit Sancho

Ornstein says more about the state of the clubs interested in Sancho. MU is the most active team celebrated when people are exposed to both he and Dortmund and Sancho also seem alluring, while Real Madrid and Liverpool only exploratory and does not make moves. Manchester City are monitoring the situation because they have a right to priority acquisition Sancho, but "The Citizens" does not seem to care much whether Leroy Sane is about to break up. Chelsea seems to have stopped pursuing since January after closing Hakim Ziyech service.

Thus with this situation, it is not surprising that in 2020 summer transfer market is open and Timo Werner became Liverpool and Jadon Sancho plays for Manchester United. Erling Haaland is not intended to leave Dortmund hurry so his future will only enjoyable in summer 2021.