In the confrontation recently between Arsenal and Brighton, Guendouzi have acted strangled with Maupay for inhibiting cornered swallow, after striker home side caused injury to goalkeeper Bernd Leno and personally scored publications Brighton victory for the right in the last minute of injury time.

SAO rivals Arsenal strangled favored shocking, reveal new details
Guendouzi is to have the words contempt opponents (Image Source: Internet)

Guendouzi is to have the words contempt opponents

The idea FA (FA) will have punishment for Guendouzi because the above actions, especially in the context of football has just come back after the break translated Covid-19 with strict rules about contact between people with people, but the young French star has escaped punishment cryptically.

Main FA also confirmed that Guendouzi will not incur any penalty for the actions listed above, the referee has reason to fully implement the necessary steps to handle the situation. Should know, what makes both the referee and the team Match VAR ignore the actions of players Arsenal jacket, took place after the end of the game whistle sounded.

Though things seem to have ended, but the first British journalist to continue dissecting the story and said that attitude is morally of Guendouzi is problematic, as reveal new details related to the words the player's ball, with both players Brighton.

DailyMail newspaper sources said Guendouzi - who received a salary of £ 40,000 / week at Arsenal - had words of contempt for many players Brighton about income between the two teams. Be aware, the current salary cap in Brighton is just £ 50,000 / week, while the highest paid players pick Arsenal's Mesut pocketed £ 350,000 / week.

"He told Congress Brighton players are a bunch of scum, and that they make money even though the ceiling was also hard with him and the team. He was doing so in the other match. Arsenal really hate that attitude, "the source of DailyMail said.

After learning this information, the former Arsenal player Perry Groves has made a warning to the coach Mikel Arteta, said the French star, "not good enough to speak." Should know, Arteta is closely monitoring Guendouzi attitude since he struck the player in the game with Newcastle in February because of the unprofessional behavior during training in Dubai.