Bayern Munich won 1-0 win over Paris Saint-Germain to win the 2019/20 Champions League. This is an achievement worthy for many stars of Bayern has shone this season, from veterans Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer and Thomas Muller to wing youth including Alphonso Davies, Serge Gnabry and especially heroes finals Kingsley Coman.

SAO hegemony Bayern C1 Cup final, going on subversive Liverpool Premiership
Thiago Alcantara, one of the most dominating players Champions League 2020 final (Image Source: Internet)

Thiago Alcantara, one of the most dominating players Champions League 2020 Finals

But there is another character or equally well played in the victorious campaign of Bayern and Liverpool who made the fans have also watched championship matches. Thiago Alcantara, Bayern midfielder organization, showed high level in a long coat, "Bayern" but his concern for growing these days.

The reason is because Liverpool are asking for Thiago and he will not renew his contract with Bayern just one more year to maturity. German media reported last month Thiago has expressed the intention to leave the club to find new challenges and Bayern did not prevent him, but everything will be so after the new C1 final implementation.

And after the final, Fabrizio Romano journalist specializing in transfer said this week Liverpool and Bayern will sit down to talk about the fee for the players are playing for the Spanish team. The star, 29, will probably cost Liverpool € 30 million, a price is said to be just the affordability of the Premier League champions.

Hug goodbye?

In the match last perhaps for Bayern, Thiago showed extremely excellent. He and Thomas Muller are two players created some opportunities definitely the most success (2 times), along with Coman was two players over the best person Bayern (last 2 times), only 1 touch the ball down in 95 times and did not touch the ball once robbed.

Thiago Muller with 2 players won most balls in tackles in both legs and cut angles, and he successfully implemented 88.2% of the total 85 pass done. When he had the ball almost can not be blocked by the PSG midfielder, some situations they lunged at high speed but be gentle to avoid past Thiago.

Coman scored the only goal and was selected as the most dominating player by UEFA, while Bayern are due by the ecstasies saves by Neuer. But Thiago has left its mark when the statistics page WhoScored player selected as the peak. Certainly fans are eagerly awaiting Liverpool debut at Anfield to help Thiago "The Kop" subversive Premier League.