British media reports said simultaneously attacking midfielder Tottenham Dele Alli's got two robbers broke into their home and beaten injured early yesterday morning, 13/5. Alli was punched in the face and suffered a stroll robbers threatened.

SAO heart attack Tottenham narrowly escaped death: knife robbed, punched
Dele Alli (Image Source: Internet)

Dele Alli

According to the Daily Mail, two masked robbers broke into the home of Alli in Barnet, North London after midnight. Alli when it is in the home along with sidekick Harry Hickford, their girlfriends and a longtime friend Others unidentified. Clashes occurred, Alli was wounded in the face and a control stroll name, also called rest took some jewelry and watches before both fled the scene.

Alli and the other victims were quite shocked after the incident, the only thing they can do is call the police then and delivered the tape recording obtained from the camera installed inside the house. Alli then sent on Twitter thanks to those who ask him.

Heist is becoming a frightening problem in London even with the rich, especially the players. According to a report published in 2019, the frequency of robberies in the capital of Great Britain has increased sharply from 2018 to date.

Apart from Alli, a Tottenham player was Jan Vertonghen others had visited the house robbed while he was playing with Tottenham to Germany and only to his wife and children at home. Last year Arsenal's Mesut almost robbed on the street without the Sead Kolašinac to intervene.