MU since parting with manager Sir Alex Ferguson has entered a period of decline with 4 different life coach from 2013 to present. "Reds" are no longer competitive Premier League championship despite spending so much money to buy many star names.

SAO former MU riot revealed Ferguson backstage after retirement
Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell joined United but only 1 year is Sir Alex Ferguson Training (Image Source: Internet)

Shinji Kagawa and Nick Powell joined United but only 1 year is Sir Alex Ferguson coaching

Sir Alex's military prowess was appreciated long and one of the key factors is how he pants, how he made them submissive and downright competition and career focused. This lost when Fergie recently parted and Nick Powell midfielder has revealed the changes at the old club while he was draped in an interview for the Manchester Evening News.

"To be playing for Manchester United at that time and saw machines operated by Ferguson we may know why success. I witnessed it, and witnessed the collapse of what has been built leading to it goes down today, "Powell said.

"Many people ask why those players are also playing Manchester United again next season even worse, with both players crowned champions? These little things have changed, but when large enough also makes many things happened. That at Manchester United when Ferguson, he controlled both the smallest things. "

The shoes of different colors on the training ground MU Louis Van Gaal

Powell then went into detail about what Sir Alex at Manchester United manager. "After he's no longer here, the kids began buying genuine supercar. That can not happen with Fergie, he supervised both money and models that the players buy. In addition he also captured the players only when the new black shoes kick for the team, but when he walked the kids started wearing colorful "Stoke midfielder revealed.

"Fergie do it on purpose. You just go and buy a car color shoes genuine when succeeded, and he was successful when the club rewarded handsomely for a contract and a regular power play. Everything was arranged for people to achieve their goals, but when he goes, many players thought to be with MU is succeeded and did not try again. "

Powell commented that Manchester United are doing well restoring team discipline under Ole Gunnar Solskjær and that former team will be successful under coach Norwegians. "Now I am no longer there, it is difficult to know how things go, but I think the coming years they will easily reach the Champions League group. Championship, it is unlikely for Liverpool & Man City too strong, but patience is an important virtue at this time, "Powell evaluation.