Haaland scored 4 goals / 20 minutes of the game of Solskjaer

Erling Haaland is striker Sought Europe most at present. At age 20, "Daystar" Norwegians were draped 4 clubs in 3 countries, achieving performance scoring "crisis" in the color coat two clubs reputation RB Salzburg (29 goals / 27 games) and Dortmund (12 goals / 11 games) in the 2019/20 season. Outstanding performer helps Haaland reached the sights of numerous "big" as Real Madrid, Manchester United, ...

SAO children Haaland scored 4 goals / 20 minutes: Well Solskjaer teaching like?
Before resonated throughout Europe, Haaland experienced difficult time at home to Norway ... (Image Source: Internet)

Before resonated throughout Europe, Haaland experienced difficult time at home to Norway ...

... The career of the "morning star" 20 steps to the new site thanks to the tutelage of Solskjaer

Characters have a large impact on Haaland must mention Ole Gunnar Solskjær - reigning coach of MU. Both ever stand in for club Molde (Norway) stage from 2017 to 2018 and reveals the Haaland, Solsa helped his contribution "makeover" in early 2018.

That time, the 20 year old striker resoundingly thanks to victories scored 4 goals in 20 minutes in the game against Brann is under league Norway. Remarkably, one week ago, he was a sinner of Moldekhi miss the opportunity facing the goalkeeper, makes managing the club received 0-1 defeat before Kristiansund (Solskjaer hometown team).

"Early in 2018 a long period of extremely bizarre, if not the stage turning point in my career. At the training session after losing Kristiansund, I always feel disappointed, everything as if in combat her so. I stood in front of the goal empty, pick the angles of Solskjaer but did not record where you do. but he suddenly said to me: 'you're going to kick the main, be willing to go offline', quoted Haaland on Eurosports.

"When set off the crossbar, Solskjaer taught me some simple rules, such as not using excessive force during the shot. At least, I still remember that although not scored yet. He also advised me to average static, sober when choosing time getting the ball to create opportunities. After what has taught me, Solskjaer worthy of the highest credibility from people. "

MU fans have reason to rejoice when Haaland devoted admiration for Solskjaer. A close relationship in the past will be no small advantage strategist who helped Norway pulled his old game of MU in the context of the Real also willing to spend bold to compete with the "Reds".