Haaland, Lewandowski turns "shooting"

True to expectations of fans, round 26 Bundesliga - top European league first back Covid-19 has devoted voyeuristic performances. In the Ruhr derby, Dortmund Schalke excellent defeated 4-0, while Erling Haaland is the brightest star with one goal, one is created.

SAO brightest Bundesliga: Haaland, Lewandowski par
Haaland - Lewandowski set up the remarkable feat after the Bundesliga back (Image Source: Internet)

Haaland - Lewandowski set up the remarkable feat after the Bundesliga return

Mixed up through Schalke's 10 goals in just nine matches Haaland in the Bundesliga. If achievement set in the tournament when draped in Dortmund from the leg of the season, he has 13 goals in 12 games, becoming the first player since 1965 to do this in color shirt 1 Club Germany (after Klaus Matischek of Bremen).

Up to now, Haaland scored a total 41 goals in all competitions for Dortmund, Salzburg in just 34 games. Before that, he scored 16 goals for the league Austria Salzburg, next to the 10 goals in the Champions League (for Salzburg and Dortmund). 20 year-old striker is gradually prove he's not "phenomenon" temporary.

A day after Dortmund - Haaland sublimation, Bayern Munich and Robert Lewandowski had full weight answer. Not too booming, but Lewandowski has put his name on the score table by mixing up the above 11m, help "Bayern" Union Berlin won 2-0 and consolidate top spot (over Dortmund 4 points).

26th phase set to help the striker 31 continues to lead the Bundesliga scorers list. Not only that, he also became the first player in 5 leading European solutions on reaching 40 goals in the 2019/20 season and in particular, through the 5th consecutive season, scored 40 goals or more in all arenas - achievement only Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi do since 2000.

Suddenly the "strange bird"

Besides Haaland and Lewandowski, the Bundesliga Round 26 also saw dazzling performances of the "strange bird". In Dortmund before Schalke's victory, is the author Raphael Guerreiro 2-phase set, including table set 4-0 monitors witnessed the excellent synergy between the players eat with Haaland Portugal. Interestingly, Guerreiro became the only player scored more than 1 goal in this round.

SAO brightest Bundesliga: Haaland, Lewandowski par
Guerreiro scored twice, Alassane Plea scored in the 37th second (Image Source: Internet)

Guerreiro scored twice, Alassane Plea scored in the 37th second

In between Frankfurt and Monchengladbach game, Alassane Plea scoring after 37 seconds in situations drain down and precise angled finish. This is the name given many "big" Premier League pursued as Manchester United, Tottenham.

The most attractive match of round 26 is the clash of Mainz and Koln. Was ahead 0-2 until 61 minutes, Mainz still fighting courage to pull back 1 point. In it, a goal of Pierre 2-2 Kunde Malong - mature players from Atletico academy worthy of becoming heavyweight candidates for the title of "most beautiful goal of the season."

From near midfield, Cameroonian star performed a solo shot over 4 opponent before writing his name on the score board.

Phase set of Alassane Plea impressive and Pierre Kunde Malong