They travel to Union Berlin last night in round 26 Bundesliga, Bayern played pretty disappointed in the first 20 minutes as the home side pressed for. Even more, when Serge Gnabry scoring chance in the 20th minute, striker Thomas Muller had an "excessive actions" led many Bayern fans feel inhibited.

SAO Bayern snatch the pole teammate ungainly, incredible acting coach
Phase "robbed of" Muller (Image Source: Internet)

Phase "robbed of" Muller

Situation stems from a corner kick from the right. Lightly touching the ball early and go to Leon Goretzka of Grnabry location, enabling German player hit a devilish connector into the far corner. However, at the goalkeeper Rafa Gikiewicz The visitors had stood stock still, they Muller to "be careful" excessive hurry to escape down to cushion the ball into the empty net.

Unfortunately for Muller and Bayern, after consultation with VAR technology, the referee has determined that this striker Vietnam fell into position before the ball. This means that the goal of Bavaria rejected. This situation Muller made him get a lot of "bricks" from the Bayern fans. They said that Muller had to act "piracy" of Gnabry goal.

"Of course the one who scored Gnabry, Muller tries for a leg in Vietnam to turn it into your shot," one fan wrote on Twitter, and get a lot of comments in favor. Germany striker funds no longer receive the favorite by most fans, this seems even more hated.

SAO Bayern snatch the pole teammate ungainly, incredible acting coach
Action cryptic tease Muller (Image Source: Internet)

Action cryptic tease Muller

And yet, there is an additional Muller "excessive actions" incomprehensible when the pitch being substituted in the 90th minute to make way for younger players Mickael Cuisance. While outbound and receive from the Assistant jacket, Muller also made the enlisted "kicking ass" coach Hans-Dieter Flick. Of course this is just the fun action of Muller but with the impression that the players wore the number 25 left in this match, some fans have judged him.

Fortunately for the German striker in this match, Robert Lewandowski teammates and Benjamin Pavard shone then took a 2-0 win for Bayern before Union Berlin, thereby "Bayern" reestablished around by 4 points more than Dortmund on Bundesliga standings.