On the occasion of Angel di Maria and midfielder wife with harsh statements about Manchester United and England in the first five stayed here, The Mirror has selected 11 best Argentine star worth watching in the Premier League. Of course, this list not named Di Maria, though he was expensive record deal of his time in English football.

SAO Argentine super team in the Premier League: Man City surpassed MU
Aguero and Tevez play in this special squad (Image Source: Internet)

Aguero and Tevez play in this special squad

In goal Julian Speroni goalkeeper, who made 93 appearances in the Premier League and had 15 years playing for Crystal Palace. Despite being 3rd choice in the final stages of his career, but when the opportunity to play, Speroni has always expressed the usual solid.

Back position should belong to Pablo Zabaleta, who made 303 appearances for Manchester City (2008-2017) and West Ham (2017 - present). He is considered the most successful Argentine players in the Premier League era. 35 year-old star gradually asserted its position despite uncertainty about the future after "The Citizens" changed owners in 2008, later becoming one of the best right-back in England worth seeing.

Corridor opposite side is a former United players - Gabriel Heinze, with 52 appearances in the Premier League. After landing at Old Trafford in 2004, Heinze immediately shown the influence by winning the Footballer of the Year MU. Heinze career with Manchester United affected by the injury, then he moved to Real Madrid in 2007.

Defensive duo is a combination Nicolás Otamendi (131 appearances) and Fabricio Coloccini (211 appearances). Whatever is becoming increasingly unstable, but no one can underestimate Otamendi about his contribution for City after joining the team in 2015.

He was the pillar in Man City squad rolled 100 points in the season 2017/18. Meanwhile, Coloccini could be seen as a monument in Newcastle after 8 years of dedication. He had reached the Team of the Premier League in 2012.

On the midfield, Erik Lamela (146 appearances) is the player on the right. Though not immediately see the value when docked Tottenham in 2013, but Mauricio Pochettino Lamela was wholeheartedly support and gradually become an indispensable name of Spurs under Jose Mourinho.

SAO Argentine super team in the Premier League: Man City surpassed MU
Argentine star lineup of the best in the history of the Premier League (Image Source: Internet)

Argentine star lineup of the best in the history of the Premier League

Meanwhile, Maxi Rodriguez (57 appearances), the name appeared corridor left, had no such luck. Rodriguez only 18 months of sticking with Liverpool. However, this player also left a good impression, especially the hat-trick against Birmingham City and Fulham.

Central midfield duo in this lineup is the pair Javier Mascherano (99 appearances) - Jonas Gutierrez (154 appearances). Mascherano always be remembered when playing alongside Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso in a successful period for Liverpool, came second in the Champions League in 2007 and 2009. But Gutierrez Premiership is remembered with great vigor, beat disease testicular cancer to continue playing. He used to be the coach Diego Maradona the ranks of the pillars of Argentina Tel.

Pair striker this team is not who has the advantage in terms of fitness. Both Carlos Tevez (202 appearances) and Sergio Aguero (261 appearances) are owned height 173 cm, are striker top scorer in the Premier League and played together in the color coat Man City. Tevez won the title of top scorer in 2011 and has a total of 84 times up for 7 years to play for West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City.

Meanwhile, Aguero is on track to become a monument in the Premier League, with 180 goals scored, helping Manchester City 4 times champion England's top league. He had two appearances in the Team of the Premier League and won the title 7 times World Player months. This season, Aguero has 16 goals in 22 appearances.