Tottenham and Everton had a heated confrontation in the first round of the Premier League 2020/21. Two teams quite a tie but the visitors only Everton goal thanks to goals from striker Calvert-Lewin after a header.

SAO 50 million euros out of the goal Everton scored incredible drum
Calvert-Lewin headed home against Tottenham (Image Source: Internet)

Calvert-Lewin headed home against Tottenham

However, the deadlock of the game may have been cleared from 16 minutes if Richarlison calm leverage opportunities. A Tottenham player and pass on careless Brazilian striker soared ultrafast speed to cross midfield Alderweireld. Richarlison also very calm when used sham to remove goalkeeper Hugo Lloris.

However, the easiest part of the work is put into an empty net, the number 7 Everton missed incredibly. Not subject to adjustments as well as observe the ball's movement Calvert-Lewin teammate, Brazilian striker hastily shot in unfavorable posture and ball flew skyward in the surprise of all.

Richarlison stopped out when the target was vacant

Lewin was quite upset Calvert-Richarlison not pass the ball as though he were in a position extremely favorable. Overall this is one of the brightest nominations awarded "Phase miss most incredible year," the Premier League 2020/21 tournament despite only passing the first round.

This is an extremely poor game of Richarlison coast. After this situation, the Brazilian striker also hit at least 3 shot from the left corner. The shot put the ball player's heart has good power and spin but all round out the distance of the target column.

If Calvert-Lewin impossible goal for Everton win, it will be responsible Richarlison certainly a lot of delicious food missed shot in this match. Currently, Richarlison being valued 52 million euros (on Transfermarkt) and was the pursuit of a few giants such as Arsenal or Barcelona.