Summer transfer window has ended and MU could still put on some players to complement the required location. But they waited until the last day to complete, and missed some big goals despite the opportunities, shows this is still a summer defeat of Manchester United in the stage of recruitment.

Sancho planted durian MU: No longer wish to Old Trafford, Highway 2 new destinations
Sancho missed buying opportunity, MU no longer be the preferred destination of the British star (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho missed buying opportunity, MU no longer be the preferred destination of the British star

Recently told The Athletic revealed not only the mistake of MU in the process of negotiations with Dortmund for star winger British Jadon Sancho, that this sheet also said the views of Sancho now after what just happened. The crux of the problem is still the MU stance could prolong the time to wait for lower prices Dortmund, but Dortmund finally stand up.

Posts by The Athletic in recent days have revealed paragraph 10/8 is deadline for MU to Dortmund launched bidding for Sancho. "As director of sport Michael Zorc standing training ground in Dortmund that day and told reporters that the decision to hold Sancho has been decided, a member of the board of directors MU phoned asking Zorc that he tells the truth not . Zorc replied, 'Then you guys expect anything'? ".

Not only that innocence makes it even easier MU negotiations with Sancho on a salary of more bitter. The Athletic said: "MU Sancho initially proposed lower wages Dortmund although representatives of Sancho wants to pay around £ 250,000 / week. MU intends to pay low but hard to compensate for the other players by letting them to enjoy mostly% plus image rights bonus achievement, that Sancho can enjoy more than salaries in Dortmund ".

MU will have to wait to next year to have the opportunity to buy Sancho but even that chance is also increasingly narrow. According to The Athletic, people close to Sancho revealed that he is getting a standing intention of joining Manchester United aside because they feel insecure about the future of this team, and instead have two destinations are becoming attractive to former star of Manchester City.

Coach Jürgen Klopp is still awaiting the opportunity to Sancho in Liverpool

2 clubs are Liverpool and Bayern Munich. Sources said coach Jürgen Klopp is still tracking information from Sancho in summer and the MU failure has opened up opportunities for him, by the will back England played Sancho is quite clear and Liverpool are big Sancho promised a chance to compete for the title of most. Bayern Munich will also be an option allowing Sancho enjoy higher remuneration and also more than capable of winning the trophy, though he will remain in Germany.

Bayern Munich though rarely spend more than 100 million pounds (or euros) to buy Dortmund players who recently issued policy at all costs not to sell players to rival. So just wait Sancho out of contract to go to Bayern, but if you want to go home, he will leave Bayern. Thus only Liverpool is the biggest opportunity.