British press and many reputable sources transfer simultaneously both reported Manchester United are about to complete the transfer "blockbuster" named Jadon Sancho. Midfielder leading Dortmund is the # 1 objective of the "Reds" in the summer of this year and if the deal is completed, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might have been able to secure about the attack of the team before the season new solutions.

Sancho launches private ro MU in the opening match Premiership: How Real damage?
Sancho is expected to unveil Manchester United in the opening match Premiership (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho is expected to unveil Manchester United in the opening match Premiership

Even according to the Norwegian journalist Fredrik A N Flitvedt, strategists remain confident Solskjaer fellow recruit successfully use Sancho to keep up in the opening match Premiership encounter Crystal Palace on July 19/9. Have to say, this is a positive message for the fans happy "Reds" when Sancho is the hottest names on the European transfer market this summer.

Earlier, there were information MU Dortmund resume talks with the recruiting Sancho. Whether impasse since the beginning of the summer, but with equal determination has been signed by British star, Manchester United have expressed great goodwill with Germany team. Accordingly, the Old Trafford team willing to "spend bold" for a fee expected even bigger than the record 89 million pounds they had to pay for Paul Pogba Juventus reunion in 2016.

Nevertheless, such information simply still just a rumor and has not been any public insider authentication. In fact, the only problem caused "blockbuster" can not complete the transfer fee was agreed that MU and Dortmund together.

Team is playing in the Bundesliga continuously showed his toughness with the statement just agree to leave if receiving full Sancho 108 million pounds in cash. In contrast, Manchester United just want to prepay 90 £ 18 £ surcharge together with the conditions attached to the ball, the golf season.

Sancho was called for a clear view of the future

Journalist Christian Falk's popular Bild newspaper recently declared Jadon Sancho should have more dynamics expressed personal views. Specifically, if the midfielder wants to join Manchester United, you need to be upfront with Dortmund to help deal came to an end.

"It is important that the fans need to know English team want to Sancho Manchester United or not" - Christian Falk in The Beautiful Game sharing Podcast. Notably, the new season of Dortmund in the Bundesliga will begin on 19/9 when they welcome Borussia Mönchengladbach at westfalenstadion.

Unknown until then, Sancho will clothe MU or Dortmund, but at least, the possibility of success of the deal is still somewhat inclined Manchester clubs with a series of positive information these days.