Last week, Dortmund have won 4-0 pounding crunchy Ruhr rivals, Schalke 04. Notably, as one of the stars of the field team westfalenstadion, Jadon Sancho not to play right from the start . England midfielder is only 79 minutes on the pitch when the match was arranged and did not leave much impression.

Sancho and Dortmund have
Sancho just came off the bench in the closest match of Dortmund (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho just came off the bench in the closest match of Dortmund

According to the German press, Sancho sore coach Lucien Favre to light up this player sidelined. It was a rational decision but also whether other cause for this action? Football time break points because Covid-19 is time information intended to recruit MU England midfielder "bloom".

Even the British press revealed Jadon Sancho has agreed personal terms with the home side at Old Trafford. Vice president of United, Ed Woodward also confirmed the team ready to activate "blockbuster" though influenced Covid-19 service.

As assessed by reporter David Orstein, MU was "very close" to the young British talent. Writer of The Athletic notoriously ownership transfer sources "fast and standards" in recent times.

Sancho and Dortmund have
Sancho was "very close" to MU? (Image Source: Internet)

Sancho was "very close" to MU?

"Sancho is expecting a big step forward this summer and present possibility that happen to be extremely large. Dortmund and Sancho had a tacit agreement that if there is a reasonable proposal, the England midfielder could leave. German teams have always adhering to the agreement of this kind. However, the price they want is not cheap.

They want to get 120 million euros (107 million pounds) for the deal. Even this figure could reach 130 million euros (116 million pounds), according to several sources revealed ".

According to David Orstein then Sancho will not create "scandal" to be gone like Mbappe in Monaco before. "Sancho is not too excited in this matter and he did not want to become the center of the trouble. Everything is very simple, if the offer is not good enough then he will stay in Dortmund.

Sources said even the teammates Sancho in Dortmund also believe that the offer "excellent" will come. MU is a very positive and proactive, they are still in regular contact to negotiate a reasonable price for the case of the England midfielder.