Liverpool has just been drawn by Midtjylland's small club in the C1 Cup Table. However, this result does not affect the top position of The Kop, to win tickets into the inner round.

Salah overly Gerrard legend, Liverpool's greatest in C1 Cup
Goals right from the 55th second to help salah go into the team history (Photo source: Internet)

The goal right from the 55th second helps Salah go into the team history

With Mohamed Salah's individual, he has just spent a new record in his glory career with the Anfield Hall. Specifically with the goal after 55 seconds, Salah had 22 goals in the Champions League arena, and rose to Liverpool's No. 1 striker in this arena, more than Gerrard legend right a goal.

In addition, the mentioning goal also helps the Egyptian striker become the fastest scorer for the Merseyside in the history of the Champions League. Obviously with what did it at Anfield, Salah was gradually setting the position of a legend in the team history.

About the match against Midtjylland, coach Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with the decisions of the VAR team in the match. The German Military said that his team was always pressed by VAR and Liverpool never benefited from VAR's decisions.

Speaking after the Match of Klopp showed an annoyance: "I don't think Var has made exact decisions. It takes too much time to review. Everything is difficult. Everything I always support ideas Take Var into football. But from now on I probably have to review that statement. "