2 situation caused a penalty in match Manchester City - Liverpool (source of potassium)

In the great battle between Man City and Liverpool in the Premier League 8 recently, Walker had an illegal tackle on striker Sadio Mané right side of the visitors after 13 minutes, causing the fruit 11m. In free kick scenarios then, Mo Salah did not miss the opportunity to open the score in the match.

Roy Keane
Walker fouled situations Mane (Image Source: Internet)

Walker fouled situations Mane

Gabriel equalize though Jesus then helped Manchester City to avoid a defeat at home, but still faults Walker commentator and former player Roy Keane MU "peering" carefully. Keane then had criticized extremely "harsh" to send to Walker hooked ball gaffe.

"Mane facing a dumb guy," Keane puts Walker on Sky Sports. "It is thought by Kyle Walker played well. I do not think so, he constantly make mistakes. As an international player, 30 years old, but he's like a guy that crash.

It was a crazy defense phase. When he stretched out his legs, he knew he was causing a penalty. I watched him play for many years now and I think he always possesses the qualities. Qualities to make foolish decisions. Two consecutive false situations in a play, I was surprised by that.

Some of his defense in recent years causing severe shock. I keep hearing this a few months we're told he's in top form, but now he was 30 and still make mistakes there. He'll never learn anything more. "

DailyMail interview after the game, Walker expressed his remorse and said irregular "burning ball" after being sent off in England's coat color in a match against Iceland Tel.

Roy Keane
Gomez penalty phase VAR ball handball in the penalty area (Image Source: Internet)

Gomez penalty phase VAR ball handball in the penalty area

Walker is not the only character caused mistakes in the game last night penalty. Liverpool side, defender Joe Gomez was identified VAR handball in the penalty situation after Kevin De Bruyne's cross. However, in a free kick later, De Bruyne to kick out, missed opportunities to score for Manchester City 2-1.

Share after the game, Gomez proved disappointing: "For my part I do not find uncomfortable. De Bruyne who also see can give away to force balls like. In that situation I just ran towards the goal and do not intend to handle the ball.

Decisions already made, they must respect it. I argue that it is a natural posture. Fly ball hit my hand. I can not do anything more. Reached out behind a defensive posture forced. The referees need to look at the actual situation and ruled with a flair. When his team was counter-attack, he could not run with his hands clasped behind his back is ".