Wayne Rooney was the most expensive contract for a "teenage" player of MU when he joined the team at the age of 25.6 million in 2004. The British striker has an unable Better when making a hat-trick into the Fenerbahce in the Champions League. It was the beginning of the journey to last 13 years of "Shrek" with "Red Devils".

Rooney revealed shock: almost to Chelsea, Mu must compete with Newcastle
Rooney moved to MU in 2004 with a record contract for a teenage player (Photo Source: Internet)

Rooney moved to MU in 2004 with a record contract for a teenage player

Many people have come and go, but Ronoey still stays with Mu, plays the captain and becomes a player who scored many of the club history with 250 goals. However, all of these things may have not happened. It was the new share of the British player in Mutv's interview program.

"I know to move to MU as one of the options before Euro 2004. I know MU wants to get his signature. I plan to play well at the Euro VCK that year and can get a big transfer. However, I broke my legs and could not perform my intention.

Everton really had financial problems at that time and I knew they were willing to hear every offer. In fact, Everton wanted to sell me to Chelsea because it was the highest paid club. But when I knew MU was also interested in me, I wanted to confirm it. When I know what I need to know, I just want to go to MU.

It was the most suitable team for me. In fact, MU does not intend to buy me right away and want to wait another year. However, both Newcastle also began to fall and reach me. I want to raise salary and leave Everton so I am ready to play for Newcastle.

If MU is not fast, Rooney may have come to Chelsea or ... Newcastle

I negotiated with Newcastle but gave the condition that if MU wanted to join, they had to let me leave. Newcastle agreed with that clause and when MU really decided to recruit, I quickly joined the Old Trafford yard. In fact, the MU salary is initially lower than Newcastle but that doesn't matter because MU will increase the salary over time ".

After 13 years of playing for MU, Rooney has 5 times the English Premier Championship, a Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and FIFA Club World Cup. It is a desirable title with all players. Does Rooney win those successes if moving to Chelsea or Newcastle?

It is a difficult question to answer by reality that doesn't happen so. For Chelsea, they recruited Mateja Kezman and Didier Drogba after "decreased" the brightest young talent of England at that time.