Although the same age and played together, but the career of Wayne Rooney prepares new right turn earlier than Ronaldo. While the Portuguese superstar was still "immersed in battle and love," the former Manchester United captain going to turn a new chapter in my life.

Rooney going
Wayne Rooney is about to become manager of Derby County (Image Source: Internet)

Wayne Rooney is about to become manager of Derby County

After returning to the UK last year, Rooney did not select any team in the Premier League but played for Derby County, the team is playing in the First Division of the UK. The objective of the England striker is very clear, it has been involved in the match had taken the time to learn and coach.

Rooney has nurtured this idea while still in playing for Manchester United. "He Shrek" are often the same man he studied tactics Ryan Giggs after each meeting with coach Louis van Gaal.

According to plan, Wayne Rooney was taken by professional coaches and a few months ago the first chance coaches are coming very close to the England striker. According to Britain's The Sun newspaper, the boss of Derby County, Mel Morris is planning to replace coach Phillip Cocu by Wayne Rooney if the achievement of continued lousy team.

Rooney can replace Phillip Cocu immediately on Saturday (17/10)

Almost every chance back in the Premier League last season, but Derby County are starting the new season only earn 3 points after 4 rounds. And if there are no late goals by Rooney before Norwich City, perhaps the only game master Cocu was draw against new team dropped from the Premier League.

The next round, Derby County continue to have a "former Premier League" other Watford. According to the Sun, if the team does not get all 3 points, the Dutch teacher will be "beheaded" and Rooney is the number one candidate to replace. The second was Mike Phelan, MU assistant Solskjaer at the present time.

If true according to this source, Wayne Rooney will be the official "has just kicked the ball, just training." This is not the first time when legends such as Gianluca Vialli, Ruud Gulit also worked the same thing. Of course, this part-time period will not be long because of Rooney's contract with Derby County expires in June next year. Then, Rooney will officially retire or continue playing, it is still unknown.