Accordingly, Rooney believes the French star need to change the position to become "a great player" and a "real nightmare" for opponents. Former captain MU asserted this would help the cause of Pogba at Old Trafford a turn for the better, especially when Pogba only 7 appearances in the Premier League from the start of the season because of problems in a row physical and performance.

Rooney constitutional design: Pogba wants to
Rooney and times that are common frontline Pogba (Image Source: Internet)

Rooney and times that are common frontline Pogba

Share on The Sun, Rooney said: "Ask any striker or central midfielder, they will tell you the most difficult to deal with as a central defender always able to win the ball. One other horrors is a player like Frank Lampard, type midfielder tries to move behind you.

When the ball is given the minutes, he will disappear and plunge into the penalty area to pressure. Ferguson once said that players like this not only keep only one role, you must pass beyond the tackle, that we need more players like that.

He talked about the things that you would not think of. Jermaine Jenas Stephen Ireland and also the players that form. They are ready to move to the back of midfield and waited a moment amid the task of handling situations are located in between defense and midfield. One mistake or distraction, they will kill you.

That's why why would I want Pogba deeper and infiltrate the penalty area when the ball is in the wings, like Lampard so. He's going to score more goals. With talented feet and motor skills like that, he'll be a real nightmare for the defense. If it was me, I would use him in that role. This is where if he developed, he will become great. "

Be aware, the role of Frank Lampard in the first term of Jose Mourinho's Chelsea was a breakthrough discovery of world football. Lampard then even as a midfielder but quality property extremely impressive goal, with the ability to break into the penalty area and scored as a true striker. In 600 appearances for "The Blues", this myth has scored 177 goals.

Still, Pogba has stated in 2016 that he was with another location in midfield: "I think I'll be fine when play area misses to the left of midfield. If in chart 3 midfielders, I can kick misses to the right or left deviation. I feel most comfortable when playing misses to the left. I can rock pillars, but it would be better to be playing higher '.