Share on DailyMail, Rooney has revealed a different goal that you think is best ever scored for United in terms of playing skills. More interesting, it is not well-known establishment phase was voted the "Goal of the Premier League era" that "guy Shrek" each Man City scored into the empty net.

Rooney choose to birth at MU goal: Bewildered foot shot flashed like electricity out
Rooney burst in the 2009/10 season (Image Source: Internet)

Rooney burst in 2009/10 season

Rooney ever stick with Manchester United for 13 years in the period 2004 - 2017. He was the greatest scorer of all time, "Reds" with 253 goals in 559 appearances for the club.

A goal that most people remember about Rooney's toss who hook the ball-style "Counter-bike" through Manchester City at Old Trafford. However, in sharing the latest, Rooney said one of his other goals were also recorded at Old Trafford but at Wigan in 2009 in the framework of the new Premier League goal he more impressive.

"When you asked me over the favorite, I would always say it was mixed up through Manchester City, but when it comes to skills scored, how to move, to coordinate and handle the ball and time , there is a goal that I remember most. That goal sure not many people remember, but I was very impressed. "

"It came at Wigan. When Rafael cross in from the right and shot my timing is perfect to say: I pass up on their midfield, softly touching the foot on the ball and the goalkeeper did not have any chance. "

This game of 20 Premier League 2009/10 season, the season that Manchester United in second, one point behind leaders Chelsea. After Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in the summer of 2009, Rooney became the fulcrum in attack of Manchester United, and he did not make Sir Alex to be disappointed with the season booming superlative career with 34 goals scored in all arenas.

Talking about his old teacher, Rooney shared a rather interesting detail, while Sir Alex had advised him not to run much in the match to spend effort finish opponents in the last minute. "Best advice that I have is from Fergie career. He said, "You kick too aggressive," and at first I thought, "What do you mean? Is not that what you want to what? "

"But I try to run as much as possible throughout the match and then about 10 minutes late is out of breath. He wants the striker to retain a bit of fuel to match the final period, so much as the chance to win the game may appear until the last minute - "Fergie time" is it! "

Rooney is currently plays for Derby County. He joined the team in League One since May 1/2020 after 18 months in MLS adventure in color shirt DC United.