Ronaldo was provocative Russian club a far cry from a young star
Ronaldo would have to respect the ability of young players this (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo would have to respect the ability of young players

Under no less competitive, Rostov club's recent league Russia has voiced challenges CR7 turned juggle ball, then shot into the basket as the club's young players have performed. This Russian team boldly say that their young players to the basket, shot better and challenge Ronaldo CR7 made the same movements.

"In the Rostov Academy, young players we do much better. You can repeat as youngsters Tamaz Topuria not? We know that you can understand Russian "Rostov Twitter account let Ronaldo provocative words. Currently Juventus and Ronaldo not to comment about the "war" is.

Involving Ronaldo, recently former Juventus player said Angelo Di Livio is a champion Ronaldo Ultimate and do not let him sit out regularly. Earlier, coach Maurizio Sarri seems not much faith in the fitness of his pupil and to CR7 plenty of rest.

"Ronaldo always need to play. You can let him rest 15 games once. He's very admirable and prove that every team loves. Ronaldo is a super champion. He commanded by action, by attitude and lifestyle never stain. I have to tip your hat because he admired. "

Besides, Di Livio expressed concern may be overtaken Juventus in Serie A when the tournament back: "Juventus is still difficult after what I saw before translation Covid-19. They are at risk of being overtaken in Serie A and was eliminated in the Champions League against Lyon. They have to swim upstream, but I do not like the way they approach the game. "