Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez has long intertwined. The two even had together a human face. Besides, the Spanish model is also evaluated as very good care of three kids rest of Ronaldo. However, the Portuguese superstar has yet to be "brought her back to the palace."

Ronaldo upcoming
Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for quite some time but still unmarried (Image Source: Internet)

Ronaldo and Georgina have been together for quite some time but still unmarried

People still are waiting and some recent moves by Georgina Rodriguez shows that day is not far off. Supermodel Spaniard made fans Ronaldo added a phen "waves" when posting new photos here.

On the personal pages, Georgina took a picture together with the emotional flow "Good morning" in Spanish. Instead of choosing corner straight as usual, she decided on diagonal corners and hand covering the abdomen. This makes Britain's The Sun newspaper had questioned whether the girlfriend of Ronaldo owns two "unusual"?

Remember that Georgina Rodriguez is also a "follower" of the gym should have a waist circumference benchmark pole. Earlier this month, supermodel also hinted about pregnancy when posting photos emotions blur the line "little girl". Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez and her children fled Covid-19 in his hometown of Madeira should talk more new members will not be too surprised.

Ronaldo upcoming
Georgina hide and show off the ring two "super-giant to" cause grave tone waves (Image Source: Internet)

Georgina hide and show off the ring two "super-giant to" make waves grave tone

One other noteworthy point in the picture of Georgina's Rings "super giant to" get her worn on the fourth finger to the right - the meaning of the engagement ring. The ring is made with stylized than two rounds and attach a lot of diamonds and precious stones. Currently, it is unclear the value of this ring but is expected not cheap.

Actually, this is not the first time Georgina cause people to question the marital status of Ronaldo. Recovery in 2018, the Spanish supermodel also wearing a ring worth more than 600 thousand pounds in the same position. However, rumors about Ronaldo got engaged subsided with the quiet of this duo.

Whether this time the Portuguese superstar has banquet "double happiness forestry subjects", has turned to his wife and his girlfriend have added a fifth child when turns 35?